The Committee Meeting. Image shows from L to R: Mr Chairman (Chris Corcoran), Rex (Elis James). Copyright: BBC.

The Committee Meeting

BBC One Wales sitcom. 1 pilot in 2014. Stars Chris Corcoran, Elis James, Vern Griffiths, Nadia Kamil, Mike Wozniak and Colin Baker.

Video Clips

Rex Jones the Caretaker

Mr. Chairman introduces Rex Jones the caretaker. Rex has had a minor DIY accident with a nail gun, but he'll be fine after a spot of TCP.

Featuring: Chris Corcoran (Mr Chairman), Elis James (Rex).

Steve News

Mr. Chairman introduces Steve News. News is Steve's life, he wants to be a newsreader. When you're from the tough streets of Wales, being a newsreader is your only escape route. As a wilting flower, Steve needs the photosynthesis of current affairs and explains just why he wants to be a newsreader, using Huw Edwards as an example.

Featuring: Chris Corcoran (Mr Chairman), Elis James (Steve News).