The Colonel Banjoko Show. Colonel Banjoko (Samson Kayo)
The Colonel Banjoko Show

The Colonel Banjoko Show

  • TV comedy that was never made
  • E4
  • 2019
  • 1 pilot

Samson Kayo presents a comedy entertainment show in character as a military dictator.

Press clippings

BBC & E4 'theft': A plagiarist in both their houses?

BBC Studios have become embroiled in what they are claiming is the theft both of one of their programmes and of their name by a company calling itself BBC Stewdios.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 27th August 2019

BBC Studios risk court case from President Obonjo

The claim was that no-one at all at any point in the development and commissioning process had ever heard of or seen the President Obonjo character... (Reminder: the previous BBC response to viewing the President Obonjo character: "We like what you do").

John Fleming's Blog, 12th August 2019

Benjamin Bello: BBC stole character making C4 complicit

In the last four days, within the cyber bubble of the UK comedy industry, there has been a shitstorm on Twitter and Facebook about BBC Studios apparently ripping off a character comedian's long-running on-stage persona and selling a series pilot based on it to E4 (part of Channel 4). So obviously, yesterday, I had a chat with the wronged 'President Obonjo' aka comedian Benjamin Bankole Bello (remember that exact name). There is a certain element in this rip-off by the BBC of life imitating art.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 22nd July 2019

E4 to pilot The Colonel Banjoko Show

The Colonel Banjoko Show - a pilot coming to E4 - will see Famalam star Samson Kayo presenting a comedy entertainment show in character as an African dictator.

British Comedy Guide, 18th July 2019

Has President Obonjo had his identity stolen?

A mad African dictator terrorising his audience for laughs? Count us in. Sounds like a great concept. In fact, we know it's a great concept because someone's successfully been entertaining Fringe audiences with it for years. And his name is President Obonjo.

Robert Peacock, The Wee Review, 18th July 2019

Angry comedian claims E4 has 'stolen' his character

Last night the broadcaster announced that Famalam and Sliced star Samson Kayo is to play a fictional African dictator called Colonel Banjoko in a new spoof talk show. However Benjamin Bello has been performing a similar act live called President Obonjo in the clubs for ten years.

Chortle, 18th July 2019

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