The Arthur Haynes Show. Arthur Haynes. Copyright: Associated Television.

The Arthur Haynes Show

ITV sketch show starring Arthur Haynes. 158 episodes (14 series), 1957 - 1966. Stars Arthur Haynes and Nicholas Parsons.

The Collected Arthur Haynes Show

The Collected Arthur Haynes Show

Reigning supreme for almost a decade as ITV's biggest comedian, Arthur Haynes was one of the most influential and popular comics that television has ever seen. His shows remained firmly in the top ten until his untimely death in 1966 robbed the world of a comedy genius. Lack of repeats ensured that subsequent generations were denied Haynes' comedic brilliance until the release of his surviving ATV shows on DVD.

Featuring wickedly funny scripts from Alf Garnett creator Johnny Speight, this set contains all existing episodes of The Arthur Haynes Show. A lively mix of sketches and musical entertainment, Speight's scripts invariably drew on the familiar class antagonism which he would hone to perfection on Till Death Us Do Part. Haynes's robust working-class delivery was inspired never more so than in the character of Hobo Haynes, a belligerent, heavily decorated tramp fond of recounting tales of patriotic bravery whilst being "up to me neck in muck and bullets".

This collection brings together all seven individual volumes of The Arthur Haynes Show in a single set, returning him to his rightful place among the comedy greats.

First released: Monday 24th April 2017


  • Val Parnell Spectacular
  • Promotional spot
  • Image galleries
  • PDFs including PR paperwork and ATV Show Book material
  • Distributor: Network
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 17
  • Minutes: 2,719
  • Catalogue: 7954774

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