The Armstrong & Miller Show. Image shows from L to R: Alexander Armstrong, Ben Miller
The Armstrong & Miller Show

The Armstrong & Miller Show

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC One
  • 2007 - 2010
  • 19 episodes (3 series)

Hit sketch show starring Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller. Characters include a pair of immature RAF pilots and a rude musical hall duo. Also features David Armand, Karen Hayley, Jim Howick, Katherine Jakeways, Lucy Montgomery and more.

Video clips

What is my job?

He flies all over the world, meets other people exactly like him, and engages in inane conversation with his colleagues. But what does he do? Well he has no idea.


There are all sorts of weird and wonderful stories as to how couples met and what makes them fall in love. Armstrong and Miller cover just about everyone you can imagine.

Satellite Delay

A news anchorman takes advantage of a long satellite delay to provoke a reporter during a live news report. Tempers fray and the insults become more and more puerile.

Really Close Surveillance

A close surveillance team are puzzled by the fact that the team they are observing seem to be repeating everything they themselves are saying.

RAF Pilots' Enigma

The RAF Pilots have enjoyed two years 'working' on trying to crack the Enigma Code, and now they are expected to deliver the results.

Multi-tasking Home Secretary

The Home Secretary is on a call to his interior designer using his bluetooth earpiece, at the same time he conducts a meeting with his press secretary to discuss the asylum application of an African gay basketball team.

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