The Island. Image shows from L to R: Kemah Bob, Tom Allen, Jason Forbes
The Island

The Island

  • TV comedy
  • Dave
  • 2022
  • 8 episodes (1 series)

Tom Allen invites guests to invent their own island in this unique Dave panel game. Also features Ninia Benjamin, Sara Pascoe, Ahir Shah, Johnny Vegas, Kemah Bob and Jason Forbes

Video clips

What is gay rock, paper, scissors?

The islanders start their own custom rock, paper, scissors tournaments - but will it end like The Sopranos or Pokémon?

Making paper planes

The panellists see who can get the furthest with their comically-sized paper planes.

I'll put myself in the fridge and cry

The lamp-haves and the lamp-have-nots are exposed.

Why did Johnny Vegas BITE Tom Allen's head?!

How do you get around a desert island? Especially on the run from a toothless lion?

Flag Club

Vexillology (flag-judging) is the name of the game.

Johnny Vegas smacked a lion's WHAT?

The crewmates pick an endangered animal to rescue.

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