That's My Boy!. Jimmy (Jimmy Clitheroe). Copyright: ABC Television.

That's My Boy!

ITV sitcom about a schoolboy. 7 episodes (1 series) in 1963. Stars Jimmy Clitheroe, Deryck Guyler, June Monkhouse, Vicky Harrington and Gordon Rollings.

Series 1

1. Strictly For The Birds

First broadcast: Sunday 10th November 1963

Jimmy creates havoc at home when he goes out to get a budgerigar and returns with a goose. Further complications arise when his father invites a fellow business owner for dinner to smooth out a potentially lucrative contract.


2. The Reluctant Page

First broadcast: Sunday 17th November 1963

Bert's sister is to be married, and - knowing no other boys of the right age - Jimmy is asked to be page boy. His mother is quick to accept on his behalf, but he's horrified when he sees the traditional page's outfit he must wear!


3. Who's Who?

First broadcast: Sunday 24th November 1963

Jimmy desire to go on a camping trip causes ructions when Bert, who had promised to escort him, announces he needs to go to London in search of a new job.


4. A Quiet Evening Out

First broadcast: Sunday 1st December 1963

Whilst his parents attend the annual builders' industry dinner-dance, Jimmy is allowed to stay at home and invite a friend around to stay the night. When Mr Clitheroe calls Bert out a late-night errand, a serious misunderstanding unfurls!


5. To View Or Not To View

First broadcast: Sunday 8th December 1963

George instigates a week's television detox for the whole family - something absolutely no one is keen on. One disastrous dinner party and a bath-time mishap later, and it seems unlikely an experiment that'll be repeated.


6. It's A Plant

First broadcast: Sunday 15th December 1963

Jimmy and his father get in a terrible muddle over an apparent confession over some vandalism in the local park. The police are quick to become involved, not least when Jimmy calls for their help!


7. An Unnatural Break

First broadcast: Sunday 22nd December 1963

Jimmy's finding there's too much week left at the end of his pocket money; and his mother has ambitions for him to become a child acting star. Could the latter prove a solution to the former?