Sleepers. Image shows from L to R: Albert Robinson (Warren Clarke), Jeremy Coward (Nigel Havers). Copyright: Cinema Verity.


BBC Two comedy drama about two Russian spies. 4 episodes (1 series) in 1991. Stars Nigel Havers, Warren Clarke and Joanna Kanska.

Series 1

1. The Awakening

First broadcast: Wednesday 10th April 1991

Deep in the heart of the Kremlin, Moscow, a discovery is made which sends shock waves through the hierarchy of the KGB, and the repercussions of which are felt in the heart of the City of London and in a brewery in Eccles.


2. The Net Tightens

First broadcast: Wednesday 17th April 1991

The past lives of Jeremy Coward, investment banker, and Albert Robinson, brewery shop steward, are catching up with them. Meanwhile, MI5 and the CIA are perplexed by the sudden increase in KGB activity in the UK.


3. On The Run

First broadcast: Wednesday 24th April 1991

Jeremy and Albert make a dash for freedom, hotly pursued by Major Nina Grishina of the KGB. In London, MI5 and the CIA take action to apprehend the suspected subversives, and in Eccles, Sandra searches for her missing husband.


4. Welcome Home

First broadcast: Wednesday 1st May 1991

In the Scottish Highlands, Jeremy and Albert prepare the last stage of their escape, hoping they have left the KGB, the CIA and MI5 well behind. Meanwhile in Eccles, Private Investigator Bob Riley discovers Albert is not all he seems. And in Moscow, has anything changed since 1966?