Shine A Light

ITV sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1970. Stars Timothy Bateson, Tony Selby and Howell Evans.

Series 1

1. On Her Majesty's Service

First broadcast: Wednesday 1st April 1970

When Wally and Les see the Royal yacht on the horizon they realise that it is a pivotal moment in their careers - the reputation of the service depends upon them ...


2. Red Letter Day

First broadcast: Wednesday 15th April 1970

Talking is a necessity when you live on a lighthouse but verbal communication can become boring - so Les and Wally decide to improvise and use other means for what they have to say ...


3. The Robinson Mutiny

First broadcast: Wednesday 29th April 1970

There is limited entertainment to be found in a lighthouse but, on the odd occasions, Les and Wally get the chance to settle down and have a film show.


4. The Great Relief

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th May 1970

It's time for the pair to take a break from each other when the relief lighthouse man arrives - at least that is the plan but nothing goes right either on or off the lighthouse.


5. The Chips Are Down

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th May 1970

It's crisis time at the lighthouse as the supply ship has not been able to get through for six weeks. Food is running out and Les and Wally are at each others throats. Could this be the end or will Taffy get through to rescue them?


6. Two's A Crowd

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th May 1970

Les gets a posting to another lighthouse and Wally is genuinely upset that his colleague will be leaving him. They try to communicate their feelings to each other before they part for good ...