Phoenix Nights. Brian Potter (Peter Kay). Copyright: Goodnight Vienna Productions / Ovation Entertainments
Phoenix Nights

Phoenix Nights

  • TV sitcom
  • Channel 4
  • 2001 - 2002
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

Bad-tempered, wheelchair-bound Brian Potter runs a struggling Bolton social club called The Phoenix. Stars Peter Kay, Dave Spikey, Paddy McGuinness, Neil Fitzmaurice, Justin Moorhouse and more.

Character guide

Brian Potter

Played by: Peter Kay

Brian Potter is the Phoenix Club's proud licensee, and he runs the club how he sees fit.

Brian is a very selfish person but runs things in a way so cunning that not many people realise he is only out for number one. To be fair, Brian does want the Phoenix to be "the best in club land" but, then again, he wants to take all the credit for that too.

Having failed at being a club owner on two previous occasions, Brian is determined that this time it will be a success.

He is a warm character at heart, and bad luck does seem to follow the hapless wheelchair-bound Brian wherever he goes. Just maybe he deserves that luck to change now.

Jerry St. Clair

Played by: Dave Spikey

Jerry is the "compére without compare". He runs the entertainment at The Phoenix, which includes his very own Free 'n' Easy Night. He is a star in the eyes of every pensioner in the Bolton area.

Jerry is a kind sort of guy, but has a very short temper, usually the result of Brian's comments towards his ideas for the club.

In the second series Jerry also gets talked in to being Brian's puppet in running the club, due to Brian's licence being revoked by the courts. 'The Saint' also has his fair share of bad luck, with cancer scares, car crashes, taking too much of his 'herbal medication' and more...


Played by: Peter Kay

Dozy bouncer Max keeps The Phoenix free of any mischief and bother... or so his job title says. Max is dedicated to the club's cause and will put his hand to anything, whether it be putting banners up or going on trips to France to stock up on alcohol. He thinks of himself as a 'Steven Segal' type, a bit of a hard man... but sadly this couldn't be further from the truth!


Played by: Paddy McGuinness (as Patrick McGuinness )

Paddy 'The Love Rocket' is the other half of the doorman duo that bounces at the Phoenix.

Paddy seems to think he is quite a ladies man, and throughout the course of the series he does get his fair share of women and phone numbers. Everything seems to evolve around women and sex for Paddy, and he calls "being addicted to sex" an 'illness'!

Due to his fellow workers constant rants about his hair, Paddy is paranoid he is going bald, and even resorts to buying a 'Hair Gro' kit from the home shopping channel... all in the aid of the women of course.

Ray Von

Played by: Neil Fitzmaurice

DJ and handyman Ray Von is one of the club's most lively workers. His appointment as DJ all came about when the lights in the Phoenix overloaded and ceased in the middle of an organised night, which left the club in the lurch, and nobody could get them back on until Ray Von appeared out of nowhere insisting he could do it.

Young Kenny

Played by: Justin Moorhouse

Young Kenny, so called because of an older Kenny at the club, is a quiet chap who never seems to really like getting into the thick of things. He is another handyman at the club and can put his hand to most things.

Kenny isn't the sharpest knife in the draw and this shows when, in the second series, he gets his face painted like a tiger at the 'Phoenix Fun Day' and can't get it off so attempts to cover it with fake tan and foundation.

He shows his love for his favourite football team, Manchester City, by wearing the colours almost every day.

Kenny Senior

Played by: Archie Kelly

The biggest liar in all of Bolton! Nothing ever comes out of Kenny's mouth without it being exaggerated or a total lie. He's claimed everything from getting paint for Jackie Chan to being able to get hold of a Japanese mule, to having fire resistant skin.

Kenny does provide a lot of fun for all with his comments, but never seems to do anything useful at The Phoenix. Other than passing Brian his Zantac, there is a big question mark over what his actual role at the club is.

Alan Johnson

Played by: Steve Edge

As one half of Jerry's backing band 'Les Alanos', Alan is an accomplished keyboard player. Alan is most definitely Jerry's right hand man and they always stick together, even when times are bad, such as having to play Black Bin Bags and Corned Beef in Asda!

He keeps himself to himself and his music means everything to him.


Played by: Toby Foster

The other half of backing band 'Les Alanos'.

Les is the house guitarist and drummer who is just looking for a way into the entertainment business. From playing in bands, being a speaker in a Butcher's van, to being part of the directing team in the college's production of Karate Kid, Les will strive to make it the whole way.

Like most of The Phoenix's staff, Les is willing to put the club before his own personal gain in the quest to make it 'world famous'.

Holy Mary

Played by: Janice Connolly

Mary is part of the cleaning and bar staff at The Phoenix and is a regular Church goer.

Mary lacks common sense and tends to speak and act before she thinks. Her love for God and Jesus is shown throughout the whole show and she puts all her faith in her religion, even though she still answers her mobile phone in the middle of church services.

Den Perry

Played by: Ted Robbins

The owner of the neighbouring club The Banana Grove.

Den is Brian Potter's biggest rival in the race to be the owner of the best club in Bolton.

Den Perry is a nasty piece of work and is forever thinking of ways to ruin Brian's and The Phoenix's plans. He hates to see Brian do well and will stop at nothing to get customers to come to his club instead.


Played by: Daniel Kitson

Spencer is the DJ-turned-barman that gets CV references off his mum.

Spencer is a very likeable chap, but only due to the fact that he wouldn't be able to think of anything bad or witty to say about anyone if he tried. The poor lad has no common sense and is as innocent as they come.

He landed his job as barman after a disastrous spell as a DJ. Jerry held his barman interview, and he only got offered the job when they realised the DSS would pay his wages.

Joyce (Series 2)

Played by: Enid Dunn

Joyce is probably the only truly sensible person to ever grace the Phoenix's staff list. Joyce is also part of the cleaning and bar staff.

Marion (Series 1)

Played by: Beatrice Kelley

Marion replaced Joyce as Mary's cleaning partner at the Phoenix and, as hard as it may seem, makes Mary look bright!

Marion and Joyce make a great team as they are both as dense as each other and get excited by the least little thing. Even though they aren't the brightest pair the Phoenix has ever seen, they do lighten the mood.

Ant (Series 2)

Played by: Julian Sua

Ant is a Chinese stowaway from the club's European beer run trip. Brian quickly stuck Ant in the kitchen as a chef alongside his friend Dec.

Dec (Series 2)

Played by: Wai Kee Chan

Much like Ant, Dec can't speak a word of English and can't cook for love nor money, but the way Brian sees it, it's free labour!

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