The Peter Serafinowicz Show. Peter Serafinowicz. Copyright: BBC.

The Peter Serafinowicz Show

BBC Two sketch show. 8 episodes (1 series), 2007 - 2008. Stars Peter Serafinowicz, Bronagh Gallagher, Alex Lowe, Paul Putner, Catherine Shepherd, Belinda Stewart-Wilson, Matt Berry and others.


The character of Brian Butterfield is based upon British actor Basil Soper in the Personal Injury Helpline adverts.


The Peter Serafinowicz Show, along with The Life And Times Of Vivienne Vyle were the two shows selected to launch BBC2's 'Thursday Are Funny' brand in 2007.

In the week before the 2006 Oscars, Serafinowicz launched a viral video on the internet of 'O! News'. Later he released a second 'O! News' video on YouTube parodying the 2006 Apple Computers lawsuit. It is believed that it was these videos which attracted the interest of the BBC, and earnt Serafinowicz a pilot.

The producer and co-writer of the show is James Serafinowicz, Peter's brother.