Outsiders. David Mitchell. Copyright: Renegade Pictures


  • TV comedy
  • Dave
  • 2021 - 2023
  • 18 episodes (3 series)

Comedians take on a series of outdoor challenges under the watchful gaze of David Mitchell. Also features Toussaint Douglass, Kerry Godliman, Ed Gamble, Lou Sanders, Jessica Knappett and more.

Key cast & crew credits

David Mitchell Host / Presenter
Toussaint Douglass Self (Series 1)
Kerry Godliman Self (Series 1)
Ed Gamble Self (Series 1)
Lou Sanders Self (Series 1)
Jessica Knappett Self (Series 1)
Jamali Maddix Self (Series 1)
Fatiha El-Ghorri Self (Series 2)
Phil Wang Self (Series 2)
Maisie Adam Self (Series 2)
Darren Harriott Self (Series 2)
Jessica Hynes Self (Series 2)
Joe Wilkinson Self (Series 2)
Alan Davies Self (Series 3)
Roisin Conaty Self (Series 3)
Guz Khan Self (Series 3)
Judi Love Self (Series 3)
Chris McCausland Self (Series 3)
Laura Smyth Self (Series 3)
Writing team
Dan Gaster Writer (Series 1)
Dan Gaster Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2-3)
Production team
Graham Proud Series Director (Series 1)
Phil Ashton Series Director (Series 2)
Tom Vinnicombe Series Director (Series 3)
Victoria Payne Series Producer (Series 1)
Dean Griffiths Series Producer (Series 2)
Tim Gill Series Producer (Series 3)
Jack Harris Producer (Series 1)
Rob Morris Producer (Series 2)
Stef Ellis Producer (Series 3)
Leon Wilde Executive Producer (Series 1)
Harry Lansdown Executive Producer (Series 1-2)
Hilary Rosen Executive Producer
Mark Iddon Executive Producer
Victoria Payne Executive Producer (Series 2-3)
Claire Bugden Line Producer (Series 1)
Dexter Harries Producer/Director (Series 1-2)
Adam Perkins Producer/Director (Series 1)
Ben Blakey Line Producer (Series 2)
Ross Bolidai Producer/Director (Series 2)
Emma Kosminsky Producer/Director (Series 2)
Lynn Philpott Line Producer (Series 3)
Paul King Producer/Director (Series 3)
Peter Lee Suer Producer/Director (Series 3)
Lynsey Martenstyn Producer/Director (Series 3)
Rob Morris Senior Producer (Series 3)
David Berezai Editor
Ian David Smith Editor
Olly Wiggins Director of Photography (Series 1)
Keith Gubbins Director of Photography
Oli Julian Composer
Hilary Rosen Commissioner (Series 1)
Mark Iddon Commissioner (Series 1)
Steve North Commissioner (Series 1)
Richard Watsham Commissioner (Series 1)

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