Out Of Her Mind. Sara (Sara Pascoe)
Out Of Her Mind

Out Of Her Mind

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two
  • 2020
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Factually-inspired comedy about family, sex and relationships. Stars Sara Pascoe, Fiona Button, Juliet Stevenson, Cariad Lloyd, Cian Barry and more.

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Series 1, Episode 3 - My Life Is Ova

Out Of Her Mind. Sara (Sara Pascoe)
Sara organises a baby shower for Scoopy to prove she does not make everything about her, and is visited by a ghostly reminder of her own pregnancy.

Further details

Sara decides to celebrate being single while surrounded by round pregnant women at Scoopy's baby shower, the surprise party that she has badly planned, doesn't understand and hasn't provided any soft drinks for. She reflects on the science behind menstruation, and all the babies make Sara think about the termination she had when she was younger, causing her to conjure up the ghost of her abortion - Casper - who is now 16 years old and appears disappointed with her.

Meanwhile, Lucy is broody and wants a sibling for her daughter Marie, whilst Luna is relieved to find out that she's not pregnant. Carol continues to demonstrate a breath-taking lack of nurturing maternal behaviour.

Scoopy would rather go to work than attend an antenatal class with her husband Steve, who takes Stefan along in her stead. They are both horrified to find out the reality of labour. Steve tries to get Scoopy engaged in her pregnancy but has to pretend he s taking her to breakfast to get her along to her own baby shower. During her inappropriate baby party, Scoopy finally admits to Sara what she's afraid of.

A drunken and emotional Sara is tricked into agreeing to be Lucy's best man. She then blows it by accidentally revealing to Marie that Lucy nearly aborted her.

Broadcast details

Tuesday 3rd November 2020
30 minutes

Cast & crew

Sara Pascoe Sara
Fiona Button Lucy
Juliet Stevenson Carol
Cariad Lloyd Sarah 'Scoopy' Cooper
Tom Stuart Stefan
Cash Holland Luna
Amelia Streeks Marie
Guest cast
Navin Chowdhry Steve
Sheila Reid Mrs Answers
Jack Gleeson Casper
Vanessa Hammick Scoopy's Patient
Bella Heesom Beth
Aaron Collict Stripper
Alexis Rodney Dr Jekyll & Mr Yoghurt (Voice)
Writing team
Sara Pascoe Writer
Production team
Chris Blaine (as The Blaine Brothers) Director
Ben Blaine (as The Blaine Brothers) Director
Catherine Gosling Fuller Producer
Simon Pegg Executive Producer
Nick Frost Executive Producer
Miles Ketley Executive Producer
Sara Pascoe Executive Producer
Kate Daughton Executive Producer
Emma James Line Producer
Emma Bell Development Producer
Bridgette Williams Editor
Brian Sykes Production Designer
Gail Stevens (as Gail Stevenson) Casting Director
Rebecca Farhall Casting Director
Leah Archer Costume Designer
Oli Russell Director of Photography
Claire Woods Make-up Designer
Graham Reynolds Composer
Emma-Lee Moss (as Emmy the Great) Composer
Ellena Bleathman Graphics
Chris Shepherd Animation
Stephen Collins Animation
Matthew Gallagher (as Matt Gallagher) 1st Assistant Director

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