Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee. Olivia Lee. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions
Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee

Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee

  • TV sketch show
  • Comedy Central
  • 2010 - 2011
  • 16 episodes (2 series)

A hidden camera prank show for Comedy Central starring Olivia Lee. Features stunts, scripted sketches and setups. Stars Olivia Lee, Ed Weeks, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Tom Price and Spencer Jones

Press clippings

If you're looking for a TV guilty pleasure, you could dip into Dirty Sexy Funny, the best hidden-camera sketch show since Fonejacker. Olivia Lee is the star of the show, here morphing from a deaf Joan Rivers lookalike to busty vox pop interviewer with chameleon-like ease.

The gags are admittedly near the knuckle but it's filth with a brain, swinging from an inspired spin on an eye test stuffed with saucy sight gags to club promoters trying to drum up trade for a Milf night. 'Free hot milk?' queried a potential punter. 'It's not a euphemism.'

Keith Watson, Metro, 5th April 2011

Olivia Lee: 'New series is like giving birth'

Olivia Lee has described letting the second series of her show Dirty Sexy Funny loose on the public like giving birth.

Comedy Central, 31st March 2011

Olivia Lee on being Dirty Sexy Funny

Beautiful and funny - it's the curse which plagues comedian Olivia Lee, who's returning to Comedy Central with the second series of her semi-improvised sketch show, Dirty Sexy Funny.

Ben Falk, AOL, 30th March 2011

Olivia Lee returns for a second series of her hidden camera show. With the sexy bit (and most of the funny) promised in the title presumably left on the cutting room floor, this one's got plenty of dirty jokes about sniffing knickers and genitalia-shaped food. Elsewhere, a narky guestlist-touting door-girl shows promise and Anthony Costa from revived boyband Blue chuckles his way through an interview but, as he was recently spotted weeing on a cashpoint, it's not saying much.

Sian Rowe, The Guardian, 28th March 2011

Watch an exclusive clip from the new series

Comedy Central's resident prankster Olivia Lee is back for a brand new series of Dirty Sexy Funny.

Comedy Central, 18th March 2011

Call me unsisterly, but I can't help thinking that Olivia Lee's success as a wind-up merchant is more to do with her beguiling smile and short skirt than innate comic genius. Still, she duped gullible celebrities in C4's Balls of Steel and proves equally adept at flummoxing the British public in her first hidden-camera show. The results range from mildly amusing to excruciating, with her turn as an obsessibely clean flatmate by far the funniest.

Claire Webb, Radio Times, 8th March 2010

Comediennes are not the most conventionally alluring creatures on television - Dawn French, Victoria Wood and Jo Brand, to name a few, have often exploited their comfortable shape to hilarious ends.

So it will come as no surprise that striking funny-girl Olivia Lee, whose one-woman sketch show - Dirty, Sexy, Funny - starts on Comedy Central next week, has struggled to marry her glamorous appearance with her comic buffoonery.

"It has been hard sometimes getting people to take me seriously as a comedienne because people look at me and think: 'She's not going to be funny', says Olivia, 29. But that's a good thing because I am changing the cliched perception and bringing a bit of glam to it. You don't have to look funny to be funny - and there are always prosthetics which I can use in some of the sketches, although that is more for disguise in the hidden-camera bits."

Richard Kay, Daily Mail, 5th March 2010

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