Give Out Girls switches to Comedy Central

Wednesday 16th July 2014, 3:15pm

Give Out Girls. Image shows from L to R: Gemma (Diana Vickers), Marilyn (Kerry Howard), Poppy (Cariad Lloyd), Zoe (Miranda Hennessy). Copyright: Big Talk Productions / Popper Pictures

Give Out Girls, the new sitcom about a group of promo girls, is to change channels.

The show was commissioned by Sky Living, however it will now air on Comedy Central instead.

The programme was filmed over a year ago, but has notably has not been scheduled by Sky Living since then.

Broadcast magazine reports that the two networks have come to an agreement over the show, with both sets of executives thinking the format would be a better fit for Comedy Central. A Sky spokeswoman said that the series would be more suited to Comedy Central's younger audience.

Give Out Girls stars Kerry Howard, Miranda Hennessy, Cariad Lloyd and former X Factor semi-finalist singer Diana Vickers. The actors play a marketing team who are "let loose up and down the country promoting a different product in a different venue each week. Seeking excitement and adventure they inject as much fun and mischief into the day as possible." The gang's motto is 'what happens on tour stays on tour'.

The producers explain: "Give Out Girls is a sharply observed, character-led sitcom about a gang of four girls (and a couple of guys) who work in the world of 'promotions'. Who are those girls out at 7am, dressed as light bulbs, giving you stuff you don't want? It's a world that's instantly recognisable to anyone who's ever done a job simply to pay the rent. It's about working hard at avoiding hard work and how your colleagues by default become your mates."

The six part series, which was filmed by Popper Pictures and Big Talk Productions, was written by Tony MacMurray and Hatty Ashdown, with some of the script based on real-life experiences of working in promotions.

Comedy Central's Jill Offman told Broadcast: "Sky previously heard our brief at a conference for modern, mainstream, outrageous content. As we have a history of this with shows such as Threesome, also produced by Big Talk, they thought Give Out Girls would be a good fit for Comedy Central."

Give Out Girls is now expected to be shown on Comedy Central later in the year.

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