Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width. Image shows from L to R: Emmanuel 'Manny' Cohen (John Bluthal), Patrick Kelly (Joe Lynch)
Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width

Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width

  • TV sitcom
  • ITV1
  • 1967 - 1971
  • 40 episodes (6 series)

Culture-clash comedy featuring an English Jew and an Irish Catholic tailor working in London's East End. Stars John Bluthal, Joe Lynch, Bernard Spear, Cyril Shaps and Eamonn Kelly

Key cast & crew credits

John Bluthal Emmanuel 'Manny' Cohen (Series 0-6)
Joe Lynch Patrick Kelly (Series 0-6)
Bernard Spear Adolf Lewtas (Series 2-6)
Cyril Shaps Rabbi Levy (Series 1-3)
Eamonn Kelly (as Eamon Kelly) Father Ryan (Series 1-3)
Writing team
Vince Powell Writer (Series 0-6)
Harry Driver Writer (Series 0-6)
Production team
Alan Tarrant Director (Series 4-5)
Stuart Allen Director (Series 6)
Ronnie Baxter Director (Series 1-5)
Ronnie Baxter Producer (Series 1-5)
Stuart Allen Producer (Series 6)
Alan Tarrant Producer (Series 4-5)
Harry Clark Production Designer (Series 4)
Roger Allan Production Designer (Series 1 & 4)
Colin Andrews Production Designer (Series 2)
Peter Le Page Production Designer (Series 6)
Jim Nicolson Production Designer (Series 3)
Bill Palmer Production Designer (Series 5)
Bob Miller Composer

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