Image shows from L to R: Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise. Copyright: ITN.

The Morecambe And Wise Story: Look Back In Laughter

Channel 5 documentary about Morecambe & Wise. 1 episode in 2016. Features Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise.

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In 1954, the telly critic for the People wrote that the definition of a TV set was "the box they buried Morecambe and Wise in". Some 23 years later, the duo's 1977 Christmas show drew 28 million viewers - roughly half the UK. This festive cracker traces the journey of the beloved Des O'Connor-baiting pair, the specs-waggling clown and his "short, fat, hairy-legged" foil, from variety theatre to big ratings.

Ali Catterall, The Guardian, 23rd December 2016