Mark Watson
Mark Watson Has Various Problems

Mark Watson Has Various Problems

  • TV stand-up that was never made
  • 2016

BBC pilot starring Mark Watson, Sam Simmons and Will Adamsdale.

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Mark Watson, Sam Simmons and Will Adamsdale
Ian Curtis

Multi-award winning trio Mark Watson, Sam Simmons and Will Adamsdale attempt to unscramble one of life's enduring problems, riddles or mysteries, for example: What forms of strength are ultimately most valuable? Nobody denies that strength is important. But what form should it ideally take? Without mental strength you can fall to pieces if Contactless isn't working, but without physical strength you can't get the lids off jars and it's too easy for people to tweak your ears and so on. Is it possible for a person to have both, or do you then lose something else, like common-sense or your hearing? Watson and his award-winning team wrestle with all aspects of one of the most critical personality traits beginning with the letter 'S'.

In the pilot the three addressed this big question in a 'bespoke' gig, where 'bespoke' means 'in a really fiddly place': an old school boxing gym on the Harrow Road. Watson peddled his unique, high-octane stand-up while Simmons and Adamsdale chipped in with interjections which included (but not limited to) pieces of sheer lunacy, music, shopping lists, avant-garde offerings, and prop-heavy set-pieces which don't work.

It was big laughs, controlled chaos and full throttle stupid that attempted to answer the one question none of us can escape from: what exactly is going on?

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  • The All-Star Boxing Club

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