Man Down. Dan (Greg Davies). Copyright: Avalon Television
Man Down

Man Down

  • TV sitcom
  • Channel 4
  • 2013 - 2017
  • 26 episodes (4 series)

Sitcom starring Greg Davies as Dan, a teacher with crushing character flaws. Also features Roisin Conaty, Mike Wozniak, Gwyneth Powell, Stephanie Cole, Jeany Spark and more.

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Video clips

Bloopers: The baby won't stop crying

Greg Davies has some trouble during his scene when the baby won't stop crying.

Bloopers: Trying to get a dog to do as he's told

Benji the dog just won't listen to his trainer.

Bloopers: Losing it over potatoes

Greg Davies cannot stop laughing over the pronunciation of "potato".

Doing something crazy in Hitler's bunker

Brian and Ally do something crazy in Hitler's bunker...

Old Jamaican Lullaby

Dan performs his "old Jamaican lullaby"...

Greg Davies cannot keep it together whilst singing

Check out the bloopers from Man Down, Series 4, Episode 3!

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