Man Down. Dan (Greg Davies). Copyright: Avalon Television.

Man Down

Channel 4 sitcom about a man struggling to grow up. 26 episodes (4 series), 2013 - 2017. Stars Greg Davies, Roisin Conaty, Mike Wozniak, Gwyneth Powell and others.

Videos: Greg Davies interviews the cast

Greg Davies has had a go at interviewing his fellow cast members about his show. The results are below - funny, but not always professional shall we say.

Roisin Conaty

Greg's interview with Roisin Conaty (who plays Jo) doesn't get off to a good start:

Jeany Spark

Greg asks Jeany Spark (Emma in the show) his inappropriate 'tops, no bottoms' question too...

Deirdre Mullins

Deirdre Mullins, aka Dan's ex-girlfiend Naomi, talks to Greg about how they got told off for laughing.

Mike Wozniak

Mike Wozniak, who plays straight-laced financial adviser Brian, tells Greg his favourite moment on set... and Greg isn't happy with the answer.

Published: Thursday 17th October 2013