Lollipop Loves Mr. Mole. Image shows from L to R: Reg Robinson (Hugh Lloyd), Maggie Robinson (Peggy Mount). Copyright: Associated Television.

Lollipop Loves Mr. Mole

ITV sitcom about a married couple. 14 episodes (2 series), 1971 - 1972. Stars Peggy Mount, Hugh Lloyd, Pat Coombs and Rex Garner.


1. A Marked Man

First broadcast: Monday 17th July 1972

Both couples have problems with their sleeping partners. Things start to go bump in the night - and a television set vanishes by day.


2. On Safari

First broadcast: Monday 24th July 1972

Bruce buys a car for £10 from a man he has never seen before, and takes Reg and Lollipop on an outing to a safari park. But when Violet has too many cups of tea, and Lollipop is picked up, getting back home is a slow business.


3. It's Only Natural

First broadcast: Monday 31st July 1972

It's NG (Natural Gas) Day! Lollipop's store is to be converted, so it's cold pork pie for breakfast. This naturally causes problems, since Bruce is allergic to cold pork pie.


4. My Fur Lady

First broadcast: Monday 7th August 1972

Reg draws up a plan of Hobbs and Jones to make sure that when the doors open for Monday's sale, Maggie will be first in. The plan itself was pretty good...


5. Cock-A-Doodle-Don't

First broadcast: Monday 14th August 1972

Reg is beginning to find Maggie too dominant - a feeling which intensifies with the help of his auntie's chandelier and a rip in the new wallpaper. Yes, Reg is definitely henpecked; ripe, in fact, for membership of The Crows, a secret society where men rule the roost.


6. Lollipop And The Two Bares

First broadcast: Monday 21st August 1972

Jubilation! At last, Bruce and Violet are moving out, if only to make way for rich cousins Arthur and his wife to stay for a fortnight. But Maggie's glee turns to consternation when she discovers that her visitors have some unusual habits: they are health fanatics, and the bare fact is that it is not only their vegetables that they like raw!


7. Inspector Hardcastle Investigates

First broadcast: Monday 4th September 1972

There's the dickens to pay in the Lollipop household when Reg arrives home late to miss his birthday treat clutching a mysterious green suitcase. It may only be full of books, of course, but it holds something much more important - a chance to finally get rid of Bruce and Vi!


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