Lee Nelson's Well Good Show. Lee Nelson (Simon Brodkin). Copyright: Avalon Television
Lee Nelson's Well Good Show

Lee Nelson's Well Good Show

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Three
  • 2010 - 2011
  • 13 episodes (2 series)

Simon Brodkin brings his critically acclaimed characters - including chav Lee Nelson and footballer Jason Bent - to a BBC Three audience. Stars Simon Brodkin, Terry Noble, Kathy Berry and Ben Willbond.

Press clippings

Lee Nelson's 30 stone sidekick Omelette wants free meds

Actor Terry Noble has been urged to slim down by doctors but struggles to follow their advice.

Alistair McGeorge, The Mirror, 12th August 2015

DVD review: Lee Nelson's Well Good Show

As someone who has been lucky enough to see Lee Nelson's Well Good Show both live and on DVD now, I feel I'm a pretty good source for an accurate review of Simon Brodkin's latest show. Live, it's the closest I've ever come to leaving a performance in the interval - despite being the reviewer. The DVD, as it turns out, was a slightly different experience.

James Harle, Giggle Beats, 23rd November 2012

Lee Nelson live chat part 2

Brace yourselves for another proper mad chat with South London geeza Lee 'Nelsy' Nelson tonight after Lee Nelson's Well Good Show. He'll be here on the BBC Three Blog LIVE online at 11pm, so see you later!

Mars Elkins, BBC, 1st September 2011

Lee Nelson's Well Good Show, if nothing else, cannot be accused of lacking energy. Simon Brodkin commits himself unreservedly to his comic creation, bounding around in an exuberant, uninhibited blur. If only some of that energy could have been utilised in the writing. This episode, ostensibly on the theme of family, but in reality lacking anything approaching a form or structure, is characteristically lazy and unimaginative, forever opting for the cheap gag over something sharp and subversive, while Brodkin's attempts at improvised interaction with the audience fall horribly flat.

Gwilym Mumford, The Guardian, 1st September 2011

Just what's needed after endless images of kids rampaging through the streets: a portrayal of a south London geezer from a housing estate that's nicely non-threatening (though he does diss the community support officer in the opening credits for a touch of street cred and a cheap laugh). Such is the comic construction of Simon Brodkin, anyway, who is back as Lee Nelson for a second series of studio tomfoolery and sketches. It's all pretty daft and probably funnier after a night in the pub, but it also feels terribly dated and wouldn't look out of place on an early Harry Enfield show.

Martin Skegg, The Guardian, 25th August 2011

Lee Nelson live chat

Oh yes, Lee Nelson's Well Good Show is back on the Tellybox with a new series starting tomorrow night at 10.30pm and he wants to chat LIVE online to you legends here on the BBC Three Blog after his show! So make sure you come back here at 11pm, 25 August, if you're up for a some well good chat with south London's loveable tearaway. Qwaliteeee!!!

Mars Elkins, BBC, 24th August 2011

Interview: Simon Brodkin

Hoodie? Check. Baseball cap? Check. Trackie bottoms? Check... Yes, it's Lee Nelson, mouthy South London geeza in a blue baseball cap.

Gary Flockhart, The Scotsman, 10th December 2010

BBC Three orders second series of Lee Nelson show

BBC Three has ordered a second series of Simon Brodkin's hit studio-based comedy series Lee Nelson's Well Good Show.

British Comedy Guide, 27th July 2010

Lee Nelson turns down One Show job

Lee, the baseball cap-wearing comic creation of funnyman Simon Brodkin, is being tipped to move from BBC3 to BBC2 later this year.

Phil Burkett, Daily Star, 25th July 2010

Lee Nelson interview

So what did we make of Lee Nelson's Well Good Show? Really? Blimey. We were going to meet for an in-depth dissection of this much-discussed series, but couldn't be arsed, so Circuit Training texted Lee a few questions and about a month later he texted them back.

Si Hawkins, British Comedy Guide, 15th July 2010

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