Lazarus & Dingwall. Image shows from L to R: Steve Lazarus (Stephen Frost), Mark Dingwall (Mark Arden). Copyright: BBC.

Lazarus & Dingwall

BBC Two sitcom about detectives. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1991. Stars Mark Arden, Stephen Frost, Peter Bland, Race Davies and others.

Series 1

1. You Expect Us To Believe That?

First broadcast: Friday 1st February 1991

When a local market fishmonger unwittingly begins dealing pure cocaine, Dingwall is sent undercover to make contact with the drugs baron who imported the goods.


2. What Happened To The Gerbil?

First broadcast: Friday 8th February 1991

The Really Serious Crimes squad are called in when a stuntman is killed on a film set. The actor holding the gun claims he's innocent, but in showbusiness, everyone has a motive.


3. The Whisper Of A Bat's Wing

First broadcast: Friday 15th February 1991

When a successful businessman is kidnapped and his wife receives a £5 million ransom demand, Lazarus and Dingwall of the Really Serious Crimes squad are put on the case. He could be better off dead...


4. What The Hell's Going On?

First broadcast: Friday 22nd February 1991

After the model wife of a millionaire businessman is painted to death, Lazarus and Dingwall are sent in to solve the case. Everyone seems to have a motive, but the real culprit proves elusive.


5. This Isn't Your Lucky Day

First broadcast: Friday 1st March 1991

Chief smells something fishy in the apparently accidental demise of a newspaper astrology expert. The bizarre cause of his death just seems all a little too coincidental - there are only two men fit to solve this mystery.


6. The Little Red Mark On The Side Of The Head

First broadcast: Friday 8th March 1991

After a spate of murders that appear to be immitating Cluedo scenarios, the Really Serious Crimes department is threatened with dissolution. Lazarus and Dingwall have just 80 hours in which to apprehend the killer.