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Katy Brand's Big Ass Show. Katy Brand. Copyright: World's End Productions.

Katy Brand's Big Ass Show

ITV2 sketch show. 19 episodes (3 series), 2007 - 2009. Stars Katy Brand, Katherine Parkinson, David Armand, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Zoe Gardner, Rufus Jones, Tom Knight and others.

Video Clips

Kanye West Auto-Tune

Katy Brand becomes Kanye West to reveal his reliance on the Auto-Tune software.

From Series 3, Episode 1. Featuring: Katy Brand.

The Ting Tings by Katy Brand

"I'm just like all the other indie girls out there"

From Series 2, Episode 1. Featuring: Katy Brand.

Lily Allen - A Little Song Wot I Wrote

Katy Brand rips into Lily Allen - "there's not much going on, but I keep on going on"

Featuring: Katy Brand.

Amy Winehouse - Booze On My Face

"I always drink until I black out, because if I didn't I'd have nothing to write about"

Featuring: Katy Brand.

Captain Rosie

A clip from series one in which Rosie Fielding reports for Armed Forces Television.

Featuring: Katy Brand.

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