Jim Davidson.

Jim Davidson: At Least I'm Not Boring

Channel 5 documentary. 1 episode in 2014. Features Jim Davidson, Ian Hyland, Lionel Blair, Garry Bushell, Bobby Davro, Richard Blackwood, Nina Myskow and others.

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Jim Davidson At Least I'm Not Boring: Opportunistic TV

All we can take away from Jim Davidson: At Least I'm Not Boring is the knowledge that many people will forever view him as a vile racist, sexist, misogynistic hate-figure. Meanwhile, others will see Jim as the last bastion of politically incorrect jokes and views - a man valiantly continuing to wave the flag for an era that no longer exists.

Adam Postans, MSN Entertainment, 11th February 2014

The rehabilitation of an old-school comic continues. Having won Celebrity Big Brother, Jim Davidson gets the chance to discuss his life and career. Expect highs (his time hosting Big Break and The Generation Game), lows (his arrest as part of Operation Yewtree - he faced no charges) and, at a guess, not much in between because that would be boring. And at least Jim Davidson's not boring, which the oh-so-cheeky-chappy title here appears to suggest we should take as a recommendation. Hmmm.

Jonathan Wright, The Guardian, 10th February 2014