I'm With Stupid. Image shows from L to R: Sheldon (Mark Benton), Paul (Paul Henshall). Copyright: BBC
I'm With Stupid

I'm With Stupid

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Three
  • 2005 - 2006
  • 7 episodes (1 series)

Sitcom about a homeless man and a wheelchair-user who become friends. Stars Mark Benton, Paul Henshall, Ruth Jones, Steve Edge, Kevin Davids and more.

Character guide

I'm With Stupid. Sheldon (Mark Benton). Copyright: BBC


Played by: Mark Benton

Sheldon was living on the streets until he made an unlikely friendship with Paul who invited him to stay at Bramble Lodge. Sheldon accepted however, Paul now continuously tries to outdo Sheldon and lay the blame on him when his various schemes land him in trouble.

The warden of Bramble Lodge, Jean takes pity on Sheldon and offers him odd jobs around the lodge. Even though he's rubbish at his job it makes him very happy as, for the first time in his life, he has been given him a sense of worth.

Sergeant Swithenback isn't quite such a fan of Sheldon as the Bramble Lodge residents; he continually tries to find a reason to arrest Sheldon.

I'm With Stupid. Paul (Paul Henshall). Copyright: BBC


Played by: Paul Henshall

Paul is constantly trying to turn each situation to his own advantage. He wants Jean the warden to think he's the golden boy. To get his way he is quite manipulative and uses the other residents to get what he wants.

Paul is not nasty though, he's mainly having a bit of fun and trying to make a few quid sometimes. All of the residents have ambitions to be big shots but they're not quite clever enough. They're just too good-hearted to be manipulative.

Paul's main rival in the lodge is Syd... they often try and out manipulate each other.

I'm With Stupid. Jean (Ruth Jones). Copyright: BBC


Played by: Ruth Jones

Jean is the warden of Bramble Lodge. She has a big heart and feels for everybody.

She likes to be totally in control of the lodge and is often using her CCTV to try and catch the residents breaking her rules (e.g. gambling) but they normally manage to outwit her.

She became a bit un-popular with the residents when it was revealed she had been withholding the fact that Bramble Lodge was to close from them however she was soon forgiven when she helped campaign to keep it open.

I'm With Stupid. Sergeant Swithenback (Steve Edge). Copyright: BBC

Sergeant Swithenback

Played by: Steve Edge

Sergeant Swithenback is the local policeman. He's very fond of Jean and finds any excuse he can to go to Bramble Lodge to see her.

In fact he's at Bramble Lodge so much he may as well be on site security! Swithenback also loves eating - he can often be spotted scoffing doughnuts or chocolate... sometimes even dry cornflakes!

Swithenback took an instant dislike to Sheldon and is forever trying to convince Jean that he should be thrown out back on to the streets or, better still, locked up. The copper is a bit dim though so has often just misinterpreted what Sheldon is up to.

I'm With Stupid. Syd (Kevin Davids). Copyright: BBC


Played by: Kevin Davids

Syd lives at Bramble Lodge and, like many of the residents, is always being devious. For example, he plans poker games to which he only invites players who are likely to lose!

Syd and Paul are always competing - for example at the lodge fayre they both worked very hard to try and raise the most money... it ended up with a tussle over who could have the Cub Scouts as their slaves!

I'm With Stupid. Dorothy (Cherylee Houston). Copyright: BBC


Played by: Cherylee Houston

Straight talking Dorothy, another Bramble Lodge resident, has a bit of a tomboy attitude but is still a girl at heart as she likes to get dressed up and look nice.

Dorothy doesn't suffer fools gladly - she's a strong woman and quietly wise. She likes to quietly get one up on the boys, and often she does!

I'm With Stupid. Graham (Alan Martin). Copyright: BBC


Played by: Alan Martin

Graham communicates with the other residents via a Voice Communication Aid.

From hosting poker games which are against the rules of the lodge to charging an entry fee to the craft fair and pocketing the cash, Graham shows he has a talent for scheming!

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