Guessable?. Image shows from L to R: Darren Harriott, Sara Pascoe, Alan Davies. Copyright: Tuesday's Child


  • TV panel show
  • Comedy Central
  • 2020 - 2023
  • 44 episodes (4 series)

Panel series in which teams compete to identify the famous name or object inside a mystery box. Stars Sara Pascoe, Alan Davies, Darren Harriott and John Kearns.

Key cast & crew credits

Sara Pascoe Host / Presenter
Alan Davies Team Captain
Darren Harriott Team Captain
John Kearns Self
Writing team
Rob Cromwell Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1)
Matthew Crosby Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-2)
Aiden Spackman Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1)
Michael Stranney Writer (Additional Material) (Series 1-3)
Tom Baker Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2)
Catherine Bohart Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2)
Phil Kerr Writer (Additional Material) (Series 2-4)
Celya AB Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3)
Laura Claxton Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3-4)
Adam Hess Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3-4)
Maisie Adam Writer (Additional Material) (Series 3)
Production team
Liz Clare Director (Series 1)
Ollie Bartlett Director (Series 2-4)
Jan Genesis Director (Series 3)
Dexter Harries VT Director (Series 1)
Jordan Read Series Producer (Series 1)
Will Brown Series Producer (Series 4)
Tom Baker Producer (Series 1)
Juliet Redden Producer (Series 1)
Will Brown Producer (Series 2-3)
Bob Fletcher Producer (Series 2)
Sophie Le Good Producer (Series 2)
Hana White Producer (Series 3-4)
Niall Farrell Producer (Series 4)
Olly Hume Producer (Series 4)
Steph Harris Executive Producer
Jordan Read Executive Producer (Series 2-4)
Rebecca Hewett-Farmer Executive Producer (Series 4)
Paul Taylor VT Producer/Director (Series 2-3)
Ben Wilson VT Producer/Director (Series 4)
Emily Pickthall Senior Producer (Series 3)
Gavin Ames Editor (Series 1)
Amy Kane Editor (Series 1)
Conal Tracey Editor (Series 3)
Joe Swanson Editor (Series 3)
Seb Ratcliffe Editor (Series 4)
Andrew Gates Production Designer
Deborah Cantor Costume Designer (Series 4)
Chris Rigby Lighting Designer
Richard Lewis Composer
Sebastian Cardwell Commissioner (Series 1)
James Donkin Development Producer (Series 1-3)
Jenny Springett Development Producer (Series 1-3)

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