GiggleQuiz. Justin Fletcher. Copyright: BBC


  • TV comedy
  • CBeebies
  • 2019 - 2021
  • 27 episodes (2 series)

Spin-off from sketch show Gigglebiz, in which Justin Fletcher adopts the guise of quiz show host.

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Series 2, Episode 6 - Arthur Sleep's Leaky Pipes

Keith Fitt and Ann Teak try to help Arthur fix some leaky old pipes.

Further details

Ann Teak and Professor Muddles join team captains Keith Fitt and Gail Force for funny clips and questions, but today Arthur is having a problem with the plumbing and the studio is filled with leaky old pipes.

In spite of this, the show kicks off and Round 1 is a simple clip game with a question for each team. Keith and Ann Teak are up first. Arthur presents a messy clip starring Captain Adorable and his custard pie button, but can the team remember how many custard pies splatted out of the wall? Next up, Gail and Professor Muddles are presented with a clip of DIY Dan, who has lost his mobile phone inside a pile of removal boxes, but can they remember what ringing sound his mobile phone was making? All this talk of phones reminds Arthur that he needs to ring a plumber to fix the pipes, but before Arthur can even make the call, Keith dumps his toolbox down on the desk and insists that he knows how to fix the pipes himself!

Round 2 is next, and it's time for Nana's Panto Showdown. This time, Nana's frogs must rescue her socks that have blown off the washing line and into the pond. The teams guess how many socks they think the frogs will find.

Finally, it's time for the buzzer round. However, things get off to a bad start when water starts dripping from the ceiling, and Arthur is forced to pull out an umbrella in order to carry on. Nonetheless, he presents a clip of the super-strong Berrito Brothers, who are also have fun with pipes as they bend them into different shapes. The final question is all about the last object the Berrito Brothers bent. Meanwhile, despite his best efforts, Keith just can't bend the pipe back into shape and flops back in his seat exhausted. Ann decides to do it herself, and with superhuman strength she bends the pipe fully over, joining it to another nearby pipe and fixing the problem just in time for the end of the quiz.

Broadcast details

Friday 5th March 2021
15 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Thursday 25th March 2021 5:00pm CBeebies
Sunday 4th April 2021 5:15pm CBeebies
Thursday 17th June 2021 5:00pm CBeebies
Thursday 13th January 2022 4:40pm CBeebies
Thursday 18th May 2023 5:00pm CBeebies
Saturday 4th November 2023 3:40pm CBeebies

Cast & crew

Justin Fletcher Various
Writing team
Nathan Cockerill Writer
Nathan Cockerill Script Editor
Production team
Geoff Coward Director
Philip Cooper Series Producer
Vanessa Amberleigh Executive Producer
Eben Clancy Editor
Paul Shields Editor
Robert Skidmore Costume Designer
Nigel Bradley Director of Photography
Kim Freeland Make-up Designer
Jim Ewart Lighting Designer
Barrie Bignold Composer
Julia Frost Puppeteer
Kim Scopes Puppeteer
Will Sentance 1st Assistant Director

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