Get Well Soon. Image shows from L to R: Roy Osborne (Matthew Cottle), Brian Clapton (Eddie Marsan). Copyright: BBC.

Get Well Soon

BBC One sitcom about friends in a medical facility. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1997. Stars Matthew Cottle, Eddie Marsan, Anita Dobson, Samantha Beckinsale and others.

Series 1

1. The New Arrival

First broadcast: Sunday 2nd November 1997

Roy Osborne arrives at the hospital to a slightly less-than-warm welcome from his new room-mate, Brian, who has himself moved upstairs. But when Jilly Howell, widow of the previous occupant of his bed, arrives by force of habit with a basket of export-only food in tow, Brian's eager to move back in.


2. Snowbound

First broadcast: Sunday 9th November 1997

Despite a freakishly heavy snowstorm making travel for many near-impossible, Roy's father - who he hasn't seen for 6 years - turns up. And then so does his mother. And the woman his father's spent the time living with...


3. Tucker's Gambit

First broadcast: Sunday 16th November 1997

The arrival of a particularly ill new patient prompts Roy and Brian to be moved. They find themselves occupying a room with Norman Tucker, and soon have him implicated in an international espionage investigation.


4. Sons, Mothers, Lovers And Others

First broadcast: Sunday 23rd November 1997

Roy's mother invites a friend to the hospital, in an attempt to fix up Roy with a girl closer to his own age. But with her affair, she's not the best person to make such judgements - and indeed ends up being arrested for solicitation!


5. The Whist Drive

First broadcast: Sunday 30th November 1997

Brian, Tucker and Harry are given permission to leave their beds and attend a whist drive. But Roy is kept confined to his bed, and watches the chaos unfold as the rest attempt to woo female patients.


6. Poison Ivy

First broadcast: Sunday 7th December 1997

Roy sets about writing a radio murder mystery, whilst Bernard gives his wife a box of chocolates poisoned with arsenic.