Gap Year. Image shows from L to R: Ashley (Brittney Wilson), Sean (Ade Oyefeso), Greg (Tim Key), Dylan (Anders Hayward), May (Alice Lee). Copyright: Eleven Film.

Gap Year

E4 comedy drama about a group travelling around Asia. 8 episodes (1 series) in 2017. Stars Anders Hayward, Tim Key, Alice Lee, Ade Oyefeso and others.

Press Clippings

E4 pass on more Gap Year

Tom Basden told a podcast. "No, we're not doing more of that, no", adding "I don't hate that decision. I was sad that the channel didn't push it harder."

Jay Richardson, The Custard TV, 21st September 2017

Review: E4's Gap Year gets one star

There are two legitimately funny moments in E4's latest attempt at capturing the hearts of a teenage/young-adult demographic, Gap Year. There were two. There were two total in a 40-minute show.

Charles Nurick, The Student Newspaper, 15th March 2017

TV: Gap Year, E4, Episode 3 - Vietnam

Once again though it is Tim Key's Greg who has the most distinctive plotline.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 9th March 2017

TV review: Gap Year, E4, Episode 2

Plenty of fast-paced action, some snappy dialogue and breath-taking aerial shots of tea plantations that make you go wow. Nice wok everyone.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 2nd March 2017

Gap Year review

Like its characters, Gap Year is a little wandering and aimless. While the first episode is a little ropey, it does show promise. At the very least, it looks set to offer a comical travelogue for anyone contemplating their own life-changing Asian adventure.

Steven Broadbent, Telly Binge, 28th February 2017

Gap Year is rather good, which is (again) minorly mystifying, as the eight-part comedy-drama is written by the team behind the savagely underwhelming "Rome-com" Plebs. It's hugely helped by the presence of Tim Key, possibly our most undervalued TV comic talent since Kevin Eldon, and features near-credible characters getting into near-credible gap-year situations, the spoilt bastards, and being, entirely credibly, less than super-witty about it all, just like life.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 26th February 2017

Gap Year review - silly and puerile, but in a good way

This new comedy perfectly captures the backpacker obsession with bowel movements and the search for 'authenticity'.

Sam Wollaston, The Guardian, 24th February 2017

TV Review: Gap Year

I'll confess, I didn't expect to enjoy the first episode as much as I did. Too often it seems that shows about students, or for students, miss the mark.

Nasim Asl, The National Student, 23rd February 2017

Gap Year: 9 ways to stop yours being a total disaster

How to avoid some of the sticky situations in E4's new comedy about five backpackers travelling around Southeast Asia.

Radio Times, 23rd February 2017

Gap Year review

Overall, there's an appealing ironic undertone, and a knowingness to the fact the characters often aren't fully immersed in the world they came looking for. After going to great pains to watch a sunrise over the Great Wall Of China, comes the question: 'How much longer are we going to spend looking at it?'

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 23rd February 2017