Emery Presents. Bernie Weinstock (Dick Emery). Copyright: BBC.

Emery Presents

BBC One sitcom. 12 episodes (2 series), 1982 - 1983. Stars Dick Emery, Barry Evans, Richard Vernon, Thomas Baptiste, Delia Paton, Lee Whitlock, Robert Mill and others.

Emery Presents: Legacy Of Murder

1. Dying To Meet You

First broadcast: Tuesday 16th February 1982

Bernie Weinstock gets an assignment to track down 6 people who have not been seen for 30 years. He is to be given £5000 for each person he tracks down but he is soon aware that he is not the only one looking for them...


2. Holy Smoke

First broadcast: Tuesday 23rd February 1982

Having found the first person on his list, Bernie sees him plunge to his death just as he makes contact. Not sure whether it was an accident or murder, he sets out to find the second person in Somerset with a little trepidation.


3. Who Do You Voo-Doo?

First broadcast: Tuesday 2nd March 1982

The first two people on his list are dead and each time there was a man with a limp acting suspiciously - could he be the murderer? Bernie feels that his own life is not in danger as he heads off to Oxfordshire to try and track down the third person before it is too late ...


4. Bang, Bang You're Dead

First broadcast: Tuesday 9th March 1982

Now in the Caribbean and in the midst of a voodoo ceremony, Bernie is struggling to find anybody on his list who is yet to live once he meets them. But he must escape his current predicament in order to get to Paris and Hollywood to continue his search ...


5. Bizarre Bazaar

First broadcast: Tuesday 16th March 1982

Now that four of the six on his list have died in mysterious circumstances, Bernie begins to suspect that Joe Galleano may be involved. He also questions the connection between the six and what is the significance of a mermaid ring? - he hopes to solve all of the mysteries in Tunisia.


6. Corpse In The Act

First broadcast: Tuesday 23rd March 1982

Bernie has escaped an attempt on his life when his car was booby-trapped in Tunisia. Now he must unravel the mystery of the limping man who appears to be behind all the deaths and find the last two people on his list who, he hopes, will provide all the answers.