Emery Presents. Bernie Weinstock (Dick Emery). Copyright: BBC.

Emery Presents

BBC One sitcom. 12 episodes (2 series), 1982 - 1983. Stars Dick Emery, Barry Evans, Richard Vernon, Thomas Baptiste, Delia Paton, Lee Whitlock, Robert Mill and others.

Emery Presents: Jack Of Diamonds

1. She Was Only A Corporal's Daughter

First broadcast: Friday 3rd June 1983

Bernie Weinstock has a new assignment and a new business partner, Norman Lugg. A British soldier hid a large quantity of diamonds in Holland during World War II and he is tasked with discovering where they have been hidden.


2. Colonel Of The Nuts

First broadcast: Friday 10th June 1983

As he continues his search for the diamonds, Bernie is unaware that he is being closely monitored by both Cyril Blackman, a shady underworld character and Inspector Dearlove of the CID.


3. A Drip In The Ocean

First broadcast: Friday 17th June 1983

Another member of Corporal Carter's platoon is the subject of scrutiny as Bernie becomes more embroiled in the mystery of the diamonds whereabouts.


4. Going Dutch

First broadcast: Friday 24th June 1983

The search for the diamonds has, inevitably, led Bernie and his team to Amsterdam where he is about to find more clues to their whereabouts.


5. Herr Of The Dog

First broadcast: Friday 8th July 1983

The clues from Amsterdam have led Bernie to Germany and he feels he is close to finding Corporal Carter's horde of diamonds.


6. The Fun Of The Fair

First broadcast: Friday 15th July 1983

The mystery is about to resolved but will Bernie find the diamonds in the castle of General von Klauss and why has Inspector Dearlove not shown his hand yet? And will either of them be able to save Helen Carter who is being held prisoner by Cyril Blackman?