Doctor At Large. Michael Upton (Barry Evans). Copyright: London Weekend Television.

Doctor At Large

ITV sitcom about newly qualified doctors. 29 episodes (1 series) in 1971. Stars Barry Evans, George Layton, Geoffrey Davies, Ernest Clark and Richard O'Sullivan.

Series 1

1. Now Dr Upton

First broadcast: Sunday 28th February 1971

Being a newly qualified Bachelor of Medicine, Michael Upton now has to find himself a job. He dreams of being a house surgeon and attends an interview for All Saints hospital but it does not go well. In the meantime he takes a temporary appointment at St. Swithin's.


2. You've Really Landed Me In It This Time

First broadcast: Sunday 7th March 1971

When Dr. Upton goes to Wimbledon to visit Paul Collier's practice, he finds himself looking after the patients for a couple of hours. He also has to be wary of the attentions of the receptionist, Liz, who has more than just answering the phones on her mind!


3. You Make Me Feel So Young

First broadcast: Sunday 14th March 1971

Upton and Collier have taken up jobs in a practice run by the eccentric Dr. Maxwell and his attractive young daughter, Sue. The problems start for Upton when people start questioning his age and the patients want to be seen by a proper doctor.


4. Doctor Dish

First broadcast: Sunday 21st March 1971

Upton is assigned the task of visiting Stacks Lane School, known as The Stacks, to give a sex education lesson. It is an all-girls school and his students are almost women, so the experience proves embarrassing for Upton when they tease him. When he meets the schoolmistress he realises his problems are not over!


5. Modernising Major

First broadcast: Sunday 28th March 1971

When Dick Stuart-Clark visits Upton and Collier he is shocked at their working conditions and encourages his friends to modernise the practice. When they attempt to update the filing system and install a new E.C.G. machine, they cause chaos amongst the patients.


6. Congratulations It's A Toad

First broadcast: Sunday 4th April 1971

Paul Collier has started a pregnancy testing service, with Dr Maxwell's approval, and toads are at the heart of the scheme. When a stream of complaints are made, the doctors try to deny all knowledge and cover their tracks...


7. Change Your Partners

First broadcast: Sunday 11th April 1971

Is Upton guilty of improper conduct? It looks that way to Dr. Maxwell when he catches Mike in the surgery with a glamorous lady patient. The situation takes some explaining, not only to Maxwell but also to Sue!


8. Trains And Notes And Veins

First broadcast: Sunday 18th April 1971

Having left the Major's practice, Upton takes Collier and Stuart-Clark home to his parents' for a weekend away from the daily slog of medicine. However, they meet a lady on the train - and does she have problems!


9. Lock, Stock & Beryl

First broadcast: Sunday 25th April 1971

Mike is on the lookout for a better job, and when Collier leaps in and snaffles the first one that comes up - it's war!


10. Upton Sells Out

First broadcast: Sunday 2nd May 1971

Upton goes against his principles when he joins Stuart-Clark in a plush Harley Street practice. He is immediately at odds with the kind of medicine Dr. Whiteland dispenses.


11. Saturday Matinee

First broadcast: Sunday 9th May 1971

When Stuart-Clark buzzes off with a bird leaving Upton in charge of the Harley Street practice, it looks like a long afternoon with nothing to do - until the Minister arrives... And the lady for the bears...


12. Where There's A Will ...

First broadcast: Sunday 16th May 1971

Why do there seem to be suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of old Mr. Medwin? Because there's a bunch of greedy relatives who can't wait to get their hands on his money! Why should his doctor have nightmares over the whole business? Clue: his doctor is Michael Upton!


13. Students At Heart

First broadcast: Sunday 23rd May 1971

Upton returns to St. Swithin's in the hope of a surgery job. Unfortunately his return coincides with a rugby victory, and winning the cup leads to some noisy and boisterous celebrations - with disastrous results.


14. No Ill Feeling!

First broadcast: Sunday 30th May 1971

Upton takes a new job with Collier's uncle, Dr. Griffin. He is put up at a local hotel and encounters the resident funny man, Mr. Davidson - the life and soul of the party!


15. Let's Start At The Beginning

First broadcast: Sunday 6th June 1971

Dr. Upton ventures into the field of psychiatry. He discovers that with time and patience most people can be helped - even psychiatrists!


16. It's All In The Mind

First broadcast: Sunday 13th June 1971

Granted that in medicine there will always be a certain amount of rivalry, Upton finds it's going too far when his patients are pinched - not by another doctor, but by Mrs. Watt, the witch!


17. Cynthia Darling

First broadcast: Sunday 20th June 1971

Little Cynthia is delicate. At least according to her mother. And her mother is determined that what Cynthia needs is plenty of visits from the doctor - especially from that handsome Doctor Upton.


18. A Little Help From My Friends

First broadcast: Sunday 27th June 1971

When Upton suddenly finds himself in sole charge of Dr. Griffin's practice, Collier and Stuart-Clark are only too willing to help out. But their well-meant efforts drive Upton to advertise for a replacement.


19. Devon Is Lovely At This Time Of Year

First broadcast: Sunday 4th July 1971

Upton finds his life in general practice is much sunnier now that he has a young female doctor as his assistant!


20. Operation Loftus

First broadcast: Sunday 11th July 1971

Professor Loftus returns to St. Swithin's at the same time as Upton, and is appalled at the way in which the hospital is being run.


21. Mother And Father Doing Well

First broadcast: Sunday 18th July 1971

That exuberant Welsh medic Huw Evans makes a surprise return visit to St. Swithin's when his wife has her first baby. But as it turns out, he needs more attention than she does!


22. A Joke's A Joke

First broadcast: Sunday 25th July 1971

With his Primary Fellowship exams looming, Upton decides to go for some extra experience - and money - by becoming an anatomy demonstrator. But at the sound of money, Stuart-Clark pricks up his ears, too - and that's where the trouble starts...


23. Pull The Other One

First broadcast: Sunday 1st August 1971

It's the start of the wolf-whistle season. The new intake of student nurses has arrived, and the doctors find it hard to concentrate on anything else. It's every man for himself ... but Collier cries wolf once too often.


24. It's The Rich Wot Get The Pleasure

First broadcast: Sunday 8th August 1971

A large legacy is enough to make anyone celebrate, but when the lucky legatee is Dick Stuart-Clark, the celebrations are really wild.


25. Things That Go Mump In The Night

First broadcast: Sunday 15th August 1971

Even doctors need a doctor sometime, but when Upton falls ill, he needs Lawrence Bingham like a hole in the head. Added to his problems is the unbearable patient in the next bed. There is only one compensation - in the delectable shape of Nurse Parker!


26. Mr. Moon

First broadcast: Sunday 22nd August 1971

After suffering a bout of mumps, Upton decides to invite himself to stay with Stuart-Clark now that he is working at a health farm. He hasn't bargained for Mr. Moon who is in charge of the place - he has an aversion to meat, indiscipline and doctors!


27. The Viva

First broadcast: Sunday 29th August 1971

What better way to relax before a Primary Fellowship exam than go away for a spot of fishing?


28. Bewigged, Bothered And Bewildered

First broadcast: Sunday 5th September 1971

Having been newly appointed to the post of Junior Registrar, Upton blots his copybook during an evening in casualty by giving an injection to a patient that causes an allergic reaction...


29. A Situation Full Of Promise

First broadcast: Sunday 12th September 1971

Mike Upton has been promoted to Junior Registrar, so there's a vacancy for a Senior Houseman. Stuart-Clark is the hot favourite, and as Mike is on the selection board, it all looks promising.


Short Insert: Mike & Bernie's All Star Comedy Carnival

First broadcast: Saturday 25th December 1971