Dear Mother.... ....Love Albert. Albert Courtnay (Rodney Bewes)
Dear Mother.... ....Love Albert

Dear Mother.... ....Love Albert

  • TV sitcom
  • ITV1
  • 1969 - 1972
  • 26 episodes (4 series)

Albert Courtnay has upped his Northern roots and moved to London. His letters home to his mother embellish his life with more than a hint of fiction. Stars Rodney Bewes, Garfield Morgan, Sheila White, Geraldine Newman, Christine Hargreaves and more.

Key cast & crew credits

Rodney Bewes Albert Courtnay
Garfield Morgan A.C. Strain
Sheila White Vivian McKewan (Series 1-2)
Geraldine Newman Mrs. McKewan (Series 1-2)
Christine Hargreaves Gillian Jones (Series 1)
Michael Sheard Arthur Pringle (Series 1)
Liz Gebhardt Doreen Bissel (Series 3)
Amelia Bayntun Mrs. Bissel (Series 3-4)
Cheryl Hall Doreen Bissel (Series 4)
Writing team
Rodney Bewes Writer
Derrick Goodwin Writer
Production team
Derrick Goodwin Director (Series 1-3)
Bill Hitchcock Director (Series 3-4)
Derrick Goodwin Producer (Series 1-3)
Rodney Bewes Producer
John Duncan Executive Producer (Series 2-3)
Bernard Spencer Production Designer (Series 1)
Gordon Livesey Production Designer (Series 2)
Richard Jarvis Production Designer (Series 2-3)
Mike Long Production Designer (Series 4)
Mike Hugg Composer

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