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Dani's House. Image shows from L to R: Max (Sebastian Applewhite), Toby (Harry Culverhouse), Sam (Klariza Clayton), Dani (Dani Harmer), Ben (James Gandhi). Copyright: The Foundation / BBC
Dani's House

Dani's House

  • TV sitcom / sketch show
  • CBBC / BBC One
  • 2008 - 2012
  • 63 episodes (5 series)

A sitcom/sketch show for Children's BBC starring Dani Harmer. Dani is left at home to look after her annoying younger brother Max. Also features Darragh Mortell, Klariza Clayton, Sebastian Applewhite, James Gandhi, Harry Culverhouse and more.

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Key cast & crew credits

Dani Harmer Dani
Darragh Mortell Jack (Series 2-5)
Klariza Clayton Sam (Series 1-4)
Sebastian Applewhite Max
James Gandhi Ben
Harry Culverhouse Zang
Dani Harmer Zark
Harry Culverhouse Toby (Series 1)
Gaynor Faye Zarina Wix (Series 4-5)
Steff White Ruby (Series 4-5)
Millie Innes Maisy (Series 4-5)
Writing team
Paul Rose Writer
George Poles Script Editor (Series 2-3)
Olivia Trench Script Editor (Series 4)
Hannah Mackay Script Editor (Series 5)
Jo Willett Script Development (Series 5)
Olivia Trench Script Development (Series 5)
Production team
Dez McCarthy Director
Jeremy Wooding Director (Series 1)
Graeme Harper Director (Series 2-3)
Simon Hynd Director (Series 4-5)
Paul McKenzie Producer (Series 1 & 5)
Jemma Rodgers Producer (Series 2)
Lucy Robinson Producer (Series 3)
Jo Willett Producer (Series 4)
Melissa Hardinge Executive Producer
Elaine Sperber Executive Producer
Bruce Abrahams Line Producer
Nick Ames Editor (Series 1-4)
Selina MacArthur Editor (Series 1)
Adam Windmill Editor (Series 2-3)
Alan Levy Editor (Series 4-5)
Marco Van Welzen Editor (Series 5)
Anna Higginson Production Designer (Series 1)
Dave Arrowsmith Production Designer (Series 2-5)
Catherine Willis Casting Director (Series 1)
Angela Grosvenor Casting Director (Series 2-3)
Kerrie Mailey Casting Director (Series 4-5)
Marion Miller Costume Designer
Peter Chapman Director of Photography
Alison Barnett (as Ali Barnett-Munn) Make-up Designer (Series 1-3)
Michael Birtley Make-up Designer (Series 4-5)
Marion McCormack Make-up Designer (Series 5)
Philip Pope Composer (Series 1)
Tony Flynn Composer (Series 1-3)
Michael J McEvoy (as Michael McEvoy) Composer (Series 4-5)
Carlene King 1st Assistant Director (Series 1-2 & 4)
Scott Bates 1st Assistant Director (Series 1)
Clare Nicholson 1st Assistant Director (Series 2-3)
Jane Ashmore 1st Assistant Director (Series 3)
Patrick Conroy 1st Assistant Director (Series 4)
Fay Selby 1st Assistant Director (Series 5)
David Boyd 1st Assistant Director (Series 5)
Paul Rose Creator

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