Chalk. Copyright: Pola Jones


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1997
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

Suzy Travis is thrown in at the deep end when, straight out of teacher training college, she lands a job at the manic Galfast High School. Stars David Bamber, Martin Ball, Nicola Walker, Amanda Boxer, Geraldine Fitzgerald and more.

Chalk trivia

On episodes two and three of series one, the 'Studio Camera Supervisor' credit is labeled as 'Stusio Camera Supervisor'.

In an interview on the Coupling series one DVD, writer Steven Moffat refused to mention Chalk, joking that if he did he might get attacked in the street.

Due to the positive reaction of the studio audience during the recordings of the first series, Chalk joined the select list of comedies that have had a second series commissioned before their first had aired.

The title of fictional pornographic film Lesbian Spank Inferno, owned by Dan McGill in the final episode of Chalk, is also referenced by writer Steven Moffat in episode 1.4 of Coupling.

Jason Wood, the pop star played by Madness frontman Suggs in Steven Moffat's Press Gang is mentioned by name in Chalk too, but he does not appear.

The first three episodes of Chalk were released on video in 1998 (see our merchandise section). However in the DVD commentary on an episode of Coupling, writer Steven Moffat jokingly claims that "no-one bought it", not even him.

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