CelebAbility. Image shows from L to R: Marek Larwood, Iain Stirling, Scarlett Moffatt


  • TV comedy
  • ITV2
  • 2017 - 2022
  • 42 episodes (6 series)

A comedy game show pitting celebrities against members of the public. Stars Iain Stirling, Scarlett Moffatt, Stacey Solomon, Marek Larwood and Jarred Christmas

Marek Larwood interview

CelebAbility. Marek Larwood

CelebAbility is back for Series 6. The ever-present Marek Larwood tells us more...

What can we expect from this series? Are there any new challenges or surprises?

Zombies, cowboys, monks and psychics are just a few of the things that appear in this series. The most surprising thing about the whole series was that it started the zombie apocalypse.

What's your favourite aspect about the show?

Every series I buy myself a new set of pens or pencils to put in my top pocket. Last series I had the classic Pentel Mechanical Pencil range (the 203, 305, 207 and 209), this year I bought four different coloured Platinum Preppys - a fountain pen classic. I like that I am the only person interested in this.

What do you think of the celebrities 'skills' that are tested this series?

Celebrities are supposed to choose things that they are good at. Judging by some of their performances, I wonder how they manage to get dressed in the morning let alone use a toilet properly.

Were there any standout contestants that impressed you in the challenges?

The Vivienne was one contestant that was genuinely incredible at their chosen ability, also Eyal Booker might well get hired for his cowboy skills if he ever needs to get a normal job.

Who had the most unusual skill this series?

Maisie Adam claimed to be an expert in pies. For someone who has eaten all the pies, she is surprisingly svelte.

CelebAbility. Image shows from L to R: Marek Larwood, Iain Stirling, Scarlett Moffatt

What's it like working with Iain Stirling and Scarlett Moffatt?

Scarlett is better than most of the celebrities at their chosen talents. Meanwhile Iain is my best and only friend. They are both a joy to work with.

What are your hidden talents?

My testicles look exactly the same as my head.

If you could get celebrities to compete in one challenge, what would it be / has the show ever said 'no' to a challenge?

I would like celebrities to sit inside a giant blender for an hour holding their phones. If they try and take a selfie of themselves within that time the blender turns on.

Which is the most ridiculous challenge you've seen people take part in this series?

Luke Kempner had to differentiate dog toys from sex toys. It was very easy to get them both mixed up. This explains why some dogs get very excited when they get a new toy.

CelebAbility is on ITV2 on Thursdays at 10pm.

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