Big Zuu's Big Eats. Image shows from L to R: Phil Wang, Ed Gamble, Jimmy Carr, Lou Sanders, Big Zuu. Copyright: Boomerang.

Big Zuu's Big Eats

Dave factual comedy about food. 12 episodes (1 series) in 2020. Features Big Zuu, Hyder and Tubsey.

Returns Friday 11th December at 10pm. Episode Guide
Episode 9 is repeated on Sunday at 5pm.

Video Clips

What does Lou Sanders think of Zuu's deconstructed Mint Cornetto?

Zuu has made her a vegan deconstructed mint Cornetto. Is Lou a fan?

From Series 1, Episode 10. Featuring: Big Zuu, Lou Sanders.

Making Ed Gamble's dream burger

Big Zuu has taken comedian, Ed Gamble to new culinary heights and made him a cheese and steak burger.

From Series 1, Episode 9. Featuring: Big Zuu, Ed Gamble.

London Hughes shares her eating habits

Big Zuu talks to London Hughes about her eating habits and is left quite surprised by a few of them.

From Series 1, Episode 8. Featuring: Big Zuu, London Hughes.

Josh Widdicombe plays chilli pizza roulette

Grime artist Big Zuu has made a pizza for comedian Josh Widdicombe with different chillis on each slice - will Josh dodge the infamous naga chilli topping?

From Series 1, Episode 7. Featuring: Big Zuu, Josh Widdicombe.

Trying jellied eels at the pie & mash shop

Big Zuu goes to a traditional East End pie & mash shop with his mates Tubsey and Hyder, and they try jellied eels for the first time.

From Series 1, Episode 6. Featuring: Big Zuu, Hyder, Tubsey.

Desiree Burch is blown away by Big Zuu's cooking

Big Zuu cooks up a feast for comedian Desiree Burch - cheese burger quesadillas and fried broccoli are on the menu and it's blowing Desiree's mind.

From Series 1, Episode 5. Featuring: Big Zuu, Desiree Burch.