Big Bad World. Image shows from L to R: Oakley (David Fynn), Ben (Blake Harrison), Beth (Rebecca Humphries), Eggman (Seann Walsh). Copyright: Objective Productions
Big Bad World

Big Bad World

  • TV sitcom
  • Comedy Central
  • 2013
  • 8 episodes (1 series)

Comedy Central sitcom about a recent university graduate who returns to his hometown and starts hanging out with his old mates again. Stars Blake Harrison, Julia Deakin, Rebecca Humphries, David Fynn, Seann Walsh and more.

Character guide

Big Bad World. Ben (Blake Harrison). Copyright: Objective Productions


AKA: Ben Turnbull.  Played by: Blake Harrison

Ben has just returned home from university, having gained a really useful degree in the subject of Norse Literature.

He is now trying to work out what to do with his life, and how to remove his ex-girlfriend Lucy from the clutches of her new hunky policeman boyfriend Steve.

Big Bad World. Beth (Rebecca Humphries). Copyright: Objective Productions


Chirpy Beth works as a street team member for 'Diabetes Now!'. As a 'chugger' her aim is to extract money for the charity from those on the high street.

She lives with Eggman and Oakley but is perhaps getting a little frustrated with their tendency to let people sleep on the sofa and Eggman 'borrowing' items such as her toothbrush.

However, Beth does offer to let Ben sleep on their sofa... does she secretly have a crush on him?

Big Bad World. Oakley (David Fynn). Copyright: Objective Productions


Played by: David Fynn

Oakley is perhaps the most normal member of the friendship group.

He is quite relaxed about life, and an unashamed year-round-wearer-of-shorts-and-flip-flops.

He's quite happy living in Great Yarmouth, and likes the local pub, as he explains. "Ben, this is a great pub. Alright so it's not All Bar One, but this pub is called the Olde Cock Inn. The Olde Cock Inn Ben! That's funny! And will never not be funny! That is why we drink here."

Big Bad World. Eggman (Seann Walsh). Copyright: Objective Productions


Played by: Seann Walsh

21 year-old Eggman is a 'bedsit-philosopher'. He says whatever is on his mind, never really thinking about how that might be perceived by those around him.

He lives in the flat with Oakley and Beth - although tends to keep late-night hours. He 'borrows' pretty much everything he needs.

He has a job but spends most of his time getting involved in computer games, smoking, drinking and drugs.

Big Bad World. Lucy (Scarlett Alice Johnson). Copyright: Objective Productions


Lucy is Ben's girlfriend... well, she was. They broke up when he when off to university. She has moved on and is now dating Steve, but Ben has not moved on and still thinks he has a chance getting back with her.

Lucy works as a recruitment consultant... and seeing as Ben is out of a job it means they end up bumping into each other from time to time still.

Big Bad World. Neil (James Fleet). Copyright: Objective Productions


AKA: Neil Turnbull.  Played by: James Fleet

Neil is Ben's cheerful father. Ben finds it difficult living with his dad again... not least because his parents have knocked down the wall between his room and their room (to give them more space), but this still doesn't seem to have stopped Neil from going about his usual business of getting undressed and snoring.

When Ben moves out to live in the flat, Neil takes it on himself to try and find his son a job. He's even happy to hand out his son's CV at the traffic lights.

Big Bad World. Jan (Caroline Quentin). Copyright: Objective Productions


AKA: Jan Turnbull.  Played by: Caroline Quentin

Jan is Ben's mum. She works as a teacher and acts as an amateur career counsellor for her son.

She simply doesn't understand why her son wouldn't want to continue living at home. "I understand Ben, you're young, you want to build a school or vaccinate a village against HIV. Is that not something you could do in the Great Yarmouth area?"

Big Bad World. Steve (Alex Lanipekun). Copyright: Objective Productions


Played by: Alex Lanipekun

Steve is Lucy's new boyfriend. He's handsome, well-built, has a good job and is charming... Ben can't understand what Lucy sees in him.

Steve does perhaps hide a bit of a mean streak... when he spots Ben starting to tell a lie he'll help engineer it so Ben digs himself a hole, and he'll encourage Ben to do stupid things... like jump on a boat.

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