Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled. Alan Davies. Copyright: Phil McIntyre Entertainment
Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled

  • TV chat show
  • Dave
  • 2014 - 2023
  • 62 episodes (7 series)

Alan Davies talks to four fellow comedians around a table. There are no set topics or agenda.

Video clips

Ola Labib and the visually impaired racist

Ola Labib talks about her terrifying house visit as a clinical pharmacist to an elderly woman, and how she escaped unscathed.

Jo Brand's minimal nurse training

How would you feel if Jo Brand was giving you an injection?

Ed Byrne's painful hernia

Ed Byrne has reached the age where all of his stories involve medical issues.

Archie Maddocks's unorthodox Cockney doctor

Archie Maddocks talks about his unorthodox Cockney doctor, and the bizarre time he needed him to take a look at his backside. As told to Alan Davies, Steph McGovern, Ed Byrne, and Matt Edmondson.

Rachel Parris fell into a river

While on a choir tour in France, Rachel Parris indulged in a little too much French culture and found herself drunk in a river.

Josh Pugh is a yes man

Josh Pugh is a people pleaser, and just cannot say no - whether it's something as small as giving away perfectly good furniture, or getting a dog.

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