Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled. Alan Davies. Copyright: Phil McIntyre Entertainment
Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled

  • TV chat show
  • Dave
  • 2014 - 2021
  • 54 episodes (6 series)

Alan Davies talks to four fellow comedians around a table. There are no set topics or agenda.

Video clips

Did Bill Bailey drunkenly ride a llama?

Bill Bailey tells Alan Davies about a message he received on Twitter about footage of him riding a llama.

Richard Ayoade's 10th birthday party

Richard Ayoade tells Alan Davies about his very short birthday party and about working in his mum's chocolate shop.

Joanne McNally won't back down

Joanne McNally tells Alan Davies about her break-up with her first love 'Badger'.

Andy Fields is the face of Lynx in the UAE

Andy Fields describes his bizarre journey to becoming the face of Lynx in the UAE and makes an appeal to Anthony Joshua.

Guz Khan's school friend did something out a window

Guz Khan tells Alan Davies about a school beef that ended in his friend 'Hobnobs' doing the unthinkable out of a classroom window.

Morgana Robinson on having a big accident

Morgana Robinson tells Alan Davies about the time she cheese grated her whole body after falling off a cliff at a wedding in Italy.

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