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Channel 4 sketch show with a predominantly Scottish cast. 29 episodes (pilot + 4 series), 1989 - 1993. Stars Pete Baikie, Morwenna Banks, Jack Docherty, Moray Hunter and others.

Video Clips

MacGlashan - Inventions

Scottish nationalist playwright MacGlashan tells his agent McMinn about all things Scotland invented (and were later stolen by the English).

From Series 2, Episode 3. Featuring: Jack Docherty, Gordon Kennedy.

The Little Girl - The Queen

The Little Girl talks about what the Queen does.

From Series 1, Episode 2. Featuring: Morwenna Banks.

Bert Bastard - Hokey Kokey

Bert tries to do the Hokey Kokey.

From Series 3, Episode 8. Featuring: John Sparkes.

On the Lavatory with Frank Hovis - Taxi

Frank Hovis talks about an accident he had in a taxi.

From Series 3, Episode 2. Featuring: John Sparkes.