League Of Gentlemen release vinyl collection

Friday 10th August 2018, 8:40pm

The League Of Gentlemen. Hilary Briss (Mark Gatiss). Copyright: BBC.

BBC-owned record label Demon has announced a deluxe League Of Gentlemen vinyl box set.

The 12-disc collection promises both the soundtrack to the entire original 3 series of TV sitcom The League Of Gentlemen, plus their earlier radio show, On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen.

Issued on brightly coloured, heavyweight vinyl discs, the limited edition set will be released on 2nd November and costs £139.99. Orders are now being taken on an exclusive, dedicated website: alocalshop.co.uk

The set, titled Special Stuff - The League Of Gentlemen's Vinyl Cuts, is named and styled in homage to Royston Vasey's master butcher Hilary Briss (pictured).

The League Of Gentlemen. Copyright: BBC.

The Gents - Mark Gatiss, Jeremy Dyson, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton - have collaborated with the company and artist Graham Humphreys to create the collection, which also includes an exclusive photo print signed by the four men, and brand new sleeve notes also written by them.

Additionally, a one-sided thirteenth disc is a genuine single pressing of the Creme Brulee song Voodoo Lady, as featured in the TV series.

Each box set also includes four "frame-ready" 12-inch square prints.

Jeremy Dyson quipped: "What is this bastard child you hold in your hand? This strange hybrid format -- a vinyl LP of a television comedy series which is available on DVD and digital download. Why would you want to own such a thing, the sound without the pictures? What's the matter with you?"

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Special Stuff: The League Of Gentlemen's Vinyl Cuts

Special Stuff: The League Of Gentlemen's Vinyl Cuts

Available for the very first time on vinyl, Demon Records proudly present 'Special Stuff', The League Of Gentlemen's vinyl cuts box set, including the original BBC radio series, and every episode of the first three TV series presented on heavyweight 180gm vinyl.

Presented as 4 x 3LP gatefolds and housed in a uniquely designed 'Special Stuff' box in homage to master butcher Hilary Briss, the set has been created in conjunction with The League Of Gentlemen and features original artwork by Graham Humphreys.

'Special Stuff' is a beautifully presented 12 x 180gm heavyweight coloured vinyl collection including:
On The Town With The League Of Gentlemen - The original BBC radio series
The League Of Gentlemen - Series 1: A Local Shop For Local People - The Complete BBC TV Series
The League Of Gentlemen - Series 2: You're My Wife Now - The Complete BBC TV Series
The League Of Gentlemen - Series 3: Do You Want A Bag With That? - The Complete BBC TV Series
Exclusive one sided 7" pressing of Creme Brulee's Voodoo Lady with etched side B
Exclusive sleeve notes by Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson
Exclusive photo print signed by the Gents
Four unique 12" x 12" frame-ready prints

First released: Friday 2nd November 2018

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