My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast to get spin-off book

My Dad Wrote A Porno. Image shows from L to R: James Cooper, Jamie Morton, Alice Levine

My Dad Wrote A Porno, the hit comedy podcast in which three friends read an 'erotic' novel, is to have a spin-off book published in the autumn.

The podcast version of My Dad Wrote A Porno sees Jamie Morton reading out chapters from an erotic book his 60 year-old dad has written (under the pen name Rocky Flintstone). Morton is accompanied by his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine as they read a chapter a week.

Now publishing company Quercus will release a book - also going under the title My Dad Wrote A Porno - featuring Rocky Flintstone's novel Belinda Blinked enhanced with additional annotations.

Publisher Jane Sturrock explains: "The podcast has been a phenomenal success with over 3,000,000 'Belinkers' tuning in for #pornoday and the book promises to give fans more of what they love. Imagine a Spark Notes guide to Belinda Blinked: the full script of the original book, annotated with James, Jamie and Alice's reactions to the dubious metaphors, the dodgy characterisation and Rocky's questionable understanding of the female anatomy as well as heaps of new material, from Belinda's sex tree to an exclusive interview with Rocky Flintstone."

Jamie MortonMorton says: "I still can't quite believe my dad's smutty work of genius is becoming an actual real life book. When we sat round Alice's kitchen table a year ago we never dreamt that the world would take Rocky to their hearts the way they have. I'm so chuffed for him and hope my mum can now finally get on board the porno train. We're thrilled to be working with the guys at Quercus and can't wait for the whole country to wake up with a little piece of dad-porn in their stockings come Christmas Day."

Series 2 of My Dad Wrote A Porno launches on Monday (4th July). The team will also present a live show in July, with the 400 tickets that were available having been snapped up by fans in under 8 minutes of going on sale.

Below is the first episode of My Dad Wrote A Porno...

Listen to more episodes

My Dad Wrote A Porno

"Belinda blinked, it wasn't a dream, the job interviewer had just asked her to remove her jacket and silk blouse..."

So begins Belinda Blinked, Rocky Flintstone's now-legendary porno (sorry, erotic novel), and so began My Dad Wrote A Porno, the outrageously funny podcast begun by Rocky's son and two friends and now adored by legions of fans, having been downloaded over three million times.

Now the steamy book that became a podcast sensation is a book again: the ultimate annotated edition of Belinda Blinked, with all the original text, all the podcast team's baffled, delighted and disgusted commentary, and huge amounts of new material, including

- character profiles
- analysis of the themes and motifs of the novel
- Belinda's top ten sales tips
- a detailed look at the ins and outs of the pots and pans industry
- a quiz
- illustrations: how exactly do you grab someone's cervix?
- Rocky's own response to his new-found fame.

All that, plus of course the pleasure of holding the real text of Belinda Blinked in your hands; relive the initial interview, the tombola, the fundraising party for the Asses and Donkeys Trust, and so much more.

First published: Thursday 27th October 2016

  • Publisher: Quercus
  • Pages: 176
  • Catalogue: 1786483475

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Published: Thursday 30th June 2016

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