Will Smith Presents: The Tao Of Bergerac. Will Smith. Copyright: BBC.

Will Smith Presents: The Tao Of Bergerac

BBC Radio 4 sketch show. 4 episodes (1 series) in 2007. Stars Will Smith, John Nettles and Dan Tetsell.

Series 1

1. Justice

First broadcast: Wednesday 1st August 2007

Will wonders why asking for extra homework, middle earth role playing and going to the sixth form ball dressed as Gandalf made him 'uncool' at school.


2. Individuality

First broadcast: Wednesday 8th August 2007

The Tao tells Will that he should be himself. But how can he be, when he has always been derided for such acts of individuality as being a member of the Jersey Cat Club? And wearing the rosette to school just made things worse.


3. Love

First broadcast: Wednesday 15th August 2007

Will explores his bad luck with romance. Is it wrong to dump a woman because she doesn't alphabetise her CDs?


4. Machismo

First broadcast: Wednesday 22nd August 2007

Will wonders how he can defend his machismo when he is scared of his builders... and his studio guest, drunk stunt man Dirk Fall.