Tom Neenan. Copyright: Idil Sukan.

The Hauntening

BBC Radio 4 sitcom featuring ghost stories. 9 episodes (3 series), 2017 - 2020. Stars Tom Neenan and Jenny Bede.

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The Hauntening - The Complete Series 1 & 2

The Hauntening - The Complete Series 1 & 2

Modern technology is terrifying. The average smartphone carries out 3.36 billion instructions per second. The average person can carry out only one instruction in that time. Stop and think about that for a second. Sorry, that's two instructions; you won't be able to do that.

But what if modern technology was...literally terrifying? What if there really was a ghost in the machine? Travel through the bad gateway in this modern ghost story as award-winning writer and performer Tom Neenan discovers what horrors may lurk in our apps and gadgets....

In the first episode of the first series, Tom tries out a dating app that seems to find people who may not quite be compatible in terms of age, location...or century....

In show 2, Tom has acquired a healthy new lifestyle, a shiny new fridge and a terrifying new problem.

In the first episode of Series 2, Tom records a podcast - with an unwanted guest....

In the next episode Tom downloads a taxi app which offers some unexpected destinations....

...and in the final episode Tom attracts the attention of a very persistent vlogger...

First published: Thursday 17th January 2019

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