Tom Neenan. Copyright: Idil Sukan.

The Hauntening

BBC Radio 4 sitcom featuring ghost stories. 9 episodes (3 series), 2017 - 2020. Stars Tom Neenan and Jenny Bede.

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Series 3

1. Waiting

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th October 2020

A smartphone's ability to carry out 3.36 billion instructions per second proves terrifying when there is a ghost in the machine.


2. Calculating

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st October 2020

Tom and Heidi find themselves trapped in a terrifying situation, and have to make a horrifying decision.


3. Pedalling

First broadcast: Wednesday 28th October 2020

In this episode, Tom has to stay ahead of the pack - in every sense.


4. Sleeping

First broadcast: Wednesday 4th November 2020

Tom discovers there is something even worse than a nightmare as sweet dreams turn very sour.