Mastering The Universe. Image shows from L to R: Sally Grace, Dan Tetsell, Professor Joy Klamp (Dawn French), Lucy Montgomery, Christopher Douglas. Copyright: BBC.

Mastering The Universe

BBC Radio 4 sketch show / sitcom. 10 episodes (2 series), 2005 - 2009. Stars Dawn French, Christopher Douglas, Sally Grace, Dan Tetsell, Lucy Montgomery and Katy Brand.

Series 1

1. The Workplace

First broadcast: Wednesday 2nd November 2005

Professor Joy Klamp thinks everyone deserves to feel the fulfilling empowerment of spoiling someone else's fun. This week Joy focuses on the most fertile environment for the manipulation of relationships through non-enjoyment techniques - the workplace.


2. The Joy Of Sulks

First broadcast: Wednesday 9th November 2005

This week Professor Joy Klamp looks at the role of the sulk in modern relationships.


3. Party On Down

First broadcast: Wednesday 16th November 2005

In this week's guide, Joy Klamp is looking at the joy of parties, and how to take control of these social situations... and spoil them.


4. Holidays

First broadcast: Wednesday 23rd November 2005

This week's Mastering The Universe looks at how to extract the maximum emotional leverage from the most precious two weeks of the year, the annual holiday.


5. Food And Drink

First broadcast: Wednesday 30th November 2005

For the dedicated passive-aggressive wanting to create tension, induce guilt and exercise control, there's nowhere quite like the dinner table.


6. Christmas

First broadcast: Wednesday 7th December 2005

In the final episode of the series, Professor Joy Klamp explains how to overcome the difficult challenge of ruining the season of goodwill.


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Mastering The Universe - The Complete Radio Series

Mastering The Universe - The Complete Radio Series Audio

Release date: Thursday 2nd April 2009

Spoiling someone else's pleasure is the most deeply rewarding of all the controlling arts. With Professor Joy Klamp as our guide we'll be taking a punishing journey into the heart of sulkiness.

As far as we can tell, this CD does not contain the four episodes of the recent second...