Ken Dodd: How Tickled I've Been!. Ken Dodd. Copyright: BBC
Ken Dodd: How Tickled I've Been!

Ken Dodd: How Tickled I've Been!

  • Radio documentary
  • BBC Radio 2
  • 2013
  • 1 episode

Liza Tarbuck celebrates Ken Dodd, who has been tickling the nation's chuckle muscles with Jam Butty Mines and Diddy Men for nearly 60 years. Also features Russ Abbot, Michael Billington, John Fisher, David Hamilton, Roy Hudd and more.

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Was there ever a time when Ken Dodd wasn't waving his tickling stick while firing off more gags than most of us ever learn in a lifetime? Now 85, the indefatigable jester of Knotty Ash is still knocking 'em in the aisles up and down the country with his famously overlong shows.

In How Tickled I've Been, Liza Tarbuck paid tribute to the comic with the help of Roy Hudd, the bishop of Liverpool, The Guardian's Michael Billington - a steadfast Doddy-holic - and her dad Jimmy, who does a very good impression of his fellow Liverpudlian.

The tax evasion court case that sullied his reputation briefly in the late 1980s - he was eventually acquitted - was mentioned only in terms of Dodd's ability to bounce back from adversity. The humiliating three-week trial was followed by a record-breaking 40-week engagement at the London Palladium, during which he introduced himself as "Kenneth Arthur Dodd, comedian, photographic playboy and failed accountant".

The one-time travelling salesman said he had the most wonderful job: "I only get to see people when they're happy."

Nick Smurthwaite, The Stage, 9th January 2013

Liza Tarbuck tries to get a straight word out of the unique talent that is Ken Dodd. After nearly 60 years in the business, his typically British brand of whimsy always raises a smile and a host of contemporaries line up here to pay tribute.

How in-depth it gets remains to be seen, but if anyone can pin the mile-a-minute gagster down, it's the ever-professional Liza.

Tony Peters, Radio Times, 1st January 2013

Liza Tarbuck presents a look back at Doddy's 60 years in showbiz revolving around a new interview with him, including salutes from Liza's Dad, Jimmy, plus James Jones, the Bishop of Liverpool, drama critic Michael Billington and Roy Hudd. I wish producer Graham Pass had asked me. When I ran my late mother's stall in St John's Market, Liverpool in the Sixties, Doddy (who was on at the Empire) came in for a Christmas drink with us market ladies on half-day closing (Wednesday). Tickled? For everyone, from Ada Stubbs (who sold chickens) to Pauline Griffiths (who sold flowers) it was as good as entertaining royalty. I remember him playing Malvolio (and well, too) in Twelfth Night at the Liverpool Playhouse. I will never forget seeing him at the London Palladium, laughing so much my children told me I had mascara streaks down to my chin.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 21st December 2012

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