Glass Chair Chair Glass. Tommy Cooper (Russ Abbot). Copyright: ABsoLuTeLy Productions.

Glass Chair Chair Glass

BBC Radio 3 comedy drama. 1 episode in 2011. Stars Russ Abbot, Harriet Walter, Allan Corduner, Emily Bruni and Hugh Ross.

Press Clippings

Russ Abbot interview: toasting the magic Tommy Cooper

Russ Abbot tells Michael Deacon about playing the irrepressible comic Tommy Cooper for new Radio 3 drama, Glass Chair Chair Glass.

Michael Deacon, The Telegraph, 16th September 2011

Glass Chair Chair Glass

This Sunday on Radio 3, Russ Abbot stars in a play that imagines a day when Tommy Cooper met absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco. Writer Annie Caulfield tells us how this came about...

Annie Caulfield, BBC Comedy, 14th September 2011

Russ Abbot to play Tommy Cooper in new BBC radio drama

Russ Abbot is to play Tommy Cooper in a BBC drama that imagines what would have happened if the comedian and magician had met absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco.

Matthew Hemley, The Stage, 25th August 2011