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Laura Smyth to record Radio 4 stand-up special

Monday 28th August 2023, 10:38am

Laura Smyth. Credit: Jigsaw

Laura Smyth is to record a Radio 4 stand-up special.

I Don't Know What To Say is described as "an engaging, funny and moving stand-up special about how humans respond when faced with difficult news".

The blurb explains: "Centred around her own experiences with breast cancer, and using hilarious and shocking anecdotes, Laura Smyth asks what the 'correct' things to say are when trying to support a loved one, and why we so often find ourselves screwing it up. A confessional and cathartic evening of comedy around a topic that is still taboo for many.

"A long time teacher, born and raised in East London, and a cancer survivor, Laura has a world-view that is unique, relatable and most importantly, very funny."

I Don't Know What To Say is due to be recorded at London comedy club Up The Creek on 20th September. Free tickets

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