Flywheel, Shyster And Flywheel. Groucho Marx as Waldorf T Flywheel (Michael Roberts). Copyright: BBC.

Flywheel, Shyster And Flywheel

BBC Radio 4 sitcom recreating lost Marx Brothers scripts. 18 episodes (3 series), 1990 - 1992. Stars Michael Roberts, Frank Lazarus, Lorelei King, Graham Hoadly and Vincent Marzello.

Series 2

1. Doctor Hackenbush

First broadcast: Saturday 11th May 1991

Shady lawyer, Waldorf T Flywheel needs patients - in his latest scam as a doctor.


2. Uncle Abner

First broadcast: Saturday 18th May 1991

Shady lawyer Waldorf T Flywheel turns farmer for a wealthy uncle.


3. Ravelli Goes To Jail

First broadcast: Saturday 25th May 1991

Can crooked lawyer Waldorf T Flywheel free his jailed assistant Ravelli?


4. Shoplifters

First broadcast: Saturday 1st June 1991

Can shady lawyer Waldorf T Flywheel save a struggling department store from closure?


5. John Smith's Will

First broadcast: Saturday 8th June 1991

Shady lawyer Waldorf T Flywheel tries to bamboozle a millionaire.


6. Hollywood

First broadcast: Saturday 15th June 1991

Shady lawyer Waldorf T Flywheel heads to Hollywood and makes a movie.